More Than This

Sindy a 12 year old money maker is in big trouble as she has ran out of ideals to make fast cash for one direction tickets. Then it hits her don't go to the show just get her big sister to take her to there tour bus. Then her and her 19 year old sister gets on the bus to find stuff to sell for money for tickets. Then the bus starts to move and there forced to show then self to the band. Then Sindys sister finds her self falling in love even though she is engaged to her abusive boy friend. Can Sindy and the boys help he sister isabell befor it's to late? Find out if Louis can make her realize he can love her More Than This?


20. The funeral

Sindy's P.O.V

We were sitting in the tree and then some crazy chick came and just kinda just drug Niall out of the apple tree. And he was right in the middle of asking me a question and it really was important. she was just always screaming Niall this and Niall that. "Who is she" she said pointing at me "I'm the tooth fairy" was what I screamed at her. "Well you forgot to pay me for this tooth right hear" she said pointing at a tooth does she have mental problems "Honey I wasn't serious" I said "What are you kidding me I was wanting some money for new boots" ahhhhhhhhh she's just like Louie. Then the news reporters was here "Come on Niall lets get some couple photos. New couple every one and we'll soon be engaged" the girl started to hug him and then Niall screams "GET OFF ME WERE NOT A COUPLE." he started to look at the brown haired girl sitting by the tree I remember her from the face time a few days a go. "But Niall were perfect" the one girl screamed "Ally leave him alone he doesn't like you give it up he is freaked out by you" screamed the girl near me. "B-but Carmen" she said like  a five year old. Oh Carmen is Louie's sister. I remember him talking about her and this crazy girl Ally I have no idea who the hell she is but she has got problems. "Hey! nock it off and let's go inside" I said and I jumped out of the tree landing on my feet my legs started to ace from hitting the ground so hard I need to get out side more. Then we headed to the back door and the reporters started to fallow us. "What do you think you doing" I said "We got to have a story" Said a reporter lady she was short and she had log brown hair hand she was wearing a grey skirt and a blue top. "Hears your story" I said and I flipped the camera off. The lady seamed shocked but what do I care she she's a city chick and I'm a country gal. She go's "You little..........." "SAVE IT" I cut her off "Just leave us alone were just people like you so there talented and good looking and there popular who cares I beat you don't even know there personality's so FUCK OFF" and then we walked inside. "Let's  get you packed for when we go home and WERE GETTTING YOU A PASSPORT" Niall said in a playful voice. Me and him went up stairs and got my clothes and we packed my stuff in a box because I just want to live with him for whats left for summer and then I'll go to the orphanage because no one in my family wants me and I don't want to live with Isabelle and Jason. After the funeral were going to read my moms will.


We walked into the funeral and I saw Tabby and Beth. They told me gossip the asked me about the boys the said they were sorry for the loss of my mom and then I went to hear the reading of my moms will. Every thing was left to Isabelle but the house it was mine and that was weird because I could never keep my room clean let alone a house. She never did pick a person for me to stay with. I was going to be an orphan because I'm not living with a murder and Isabelle will most likely throw  her self in his arms because she loves being hit like an animal you trying to tame. I just hate this drama and I just want to die. At the air port Niall got me a passport made and Isabelle got one and Louie was going to leave Carmen until she dropped the bomb and told him she dropped out off collage and Ally of course came with us. But before we left Isabelle got a phone call and she was terrified after and I got a feeling it had to do with Jason.

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