More Than This

Sindy a 12 year old money maker is in big trouble as she has ran out of ideals to make fast cash for one direction tickets. Then it hits her don't go to the show just get her big sister to take her to there tour bus. Then her and her 19 year old sister gets on the bus to find stuff to sell for money for tickets. Then the bus starts to move and there forced to show then self to the band. Then Sindys sister finds her self falling in love even though she is engaged to her abusive boy friend. Can Sindy and the boys help he sister isabell befor it's to late? Find out if Louis can make her realize he can love her More Than This?


4. meeting one direction

isabelle's P.O.V

We're hiding in the bathroom. I'm thinking of a way out but then I see Sindy looking out and  she starts shouting "Omg omg omg omg it's one direction". "Shout out sind we have to get off the bus and it's starting to move." "I got a plan" said Sindy. ''OK lets hear it". "Ok when they go to sleep we hide in there suit case's out they get to there next concert." My sister my be a bit goofy but she is smart so i'll trust her. '' All right boy's lets let louie go to bed" I herd a Irish voice say. " Thanks lads im starting to feel bad agien. "


It's all quiet so me and Sindy snuck and got in to the suit case's and it was on all we had to do was sit here for a little while. then some thing wired happened the suit case's are getting lifted and sat down on some thing that was moving. Then I thought about the sking trip dad took me on there was convaderbelt that would take the luggage when we got on the plan. Then I realize we're on a plan going to who the hell knows where. Then I feel the take off but I just keep quiet then I start to feel tired slowly falling a sleep. Then its black.

Sindy's P.O.V

Where are we going what's been moving. There's so many question's running thought my mind but the number one is if my moms ok she's been very sick lately and she's has no one to take care of her. Times like this I miss dad even tought i've never really meet my dad or my brother. Then I feel some one pick up the bag we must be done going where ever. Then I here some one say to the stranger carring the bag say welcome to Britain mister Horan. Omg I'm in Niall Horan's suit case. Then the moving starts agien and I'm thinking how the hell am I going to get home I don't have a pass port I've never have official intered the country. What is Isabelle going to think she's going to kill me. Mom's going to kill me if dad was a round he would kill me. What the hell am I going to do. I'M DEAD.



kinda a cliff hager right thanks so much you guys I love you all and i'll keep righting more so thanks from me KY'S 1D LOVER bye thanks so much I just can't say that enuff bye thanks.

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