Me and the tommo tomlinson

My name is Natalie. Im not a big One Direction fan. But im going to a concert with my friend Kat. Maybe ill find mr right


2. Meeting the boys

Natalie's pov

I had to answer the text. But what do I say.

"Omg Natalie, say yes!!" Kat screeched next to my ear.

"Why, he doesn't even know me." I sadly had to respond.

'He's a popstar." She said drooling over that only factor

"I am not the shallow." I used my sass voice.

"Girl, I'm the sass master around here." Said the most sexiest voice while putting his sassieness into it. I looked up to Louis. I had the biggest smile on my face when I saw him.

"Did you send me that text?" I questioned.

Louis's pov

"Did you send me that text?" she questioned.

No, what text?" I didn't think she would already see the text. So I'm gonna play it off and blame Harry, I'll text him so he will go along with it. I pulled out my phone to pretend to look at what she was talking about and texted Harry: Just go along with what I'm going to do in a minute.

Harry's pov

My phone beeped, it was Louis. Wtf did he get me into now?!?

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