Me and the tommo tomlinson

My name is Natalie. Im not a big One Direction fan. But im going to a concert with my friend Kat. Maybe ill find mr right


1. After the concert

Natalie's pov

Apparentely Louis got me and Kat back stage passes. Toward the end of the last song, a big man in a black suit.

"Are you Natalie and Kat?"


"Come with me."

Honosetly I got scared and looked at Louis. He nodded his head for me to go with the unnormally large man. The unnormally large man took us to a large white room with a black leather couch and a table full of food.

"Boys will be in a few minutes."

Since it was gonna be Kat and I for a sec. I thought I check out that message. I unlocked my pink iphone, and opened the message.


You are so beautiful. Will you be mine?

xoxo Louis aka BooBear

a/n Hey cuties(readers) What do you think Natalie will say?? Also can you tell me how the storys going


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