I'm Never Going to Change... A ONE DIRECTION FANFICTION

AlexNicole Smith is a normal girl. She has a job, works hard, likes to have fun, is very smart, and is known as a "Good Girl". In middle school, she goes goes to the school with the boys of One Direction (before they were a band). They were the popular group and Alex was a regular girl hopeing to get noticed. Well she did... But not in the most positive way by them. She promised herself after that experience she would never change for anyone ever again. 10 years later her crazy sister Sam drags her to a One Direction concert. Will she reunite with the boys? Will she fall in love? Will they fall in love? Will conflict and tragedy arise? Find out in "I'm Never Going To Change".


8. Right Time, Right Place, Right Shoe

Lexi's POV: I ran out the door not sure where to look for him first. I decided to text him, even though I doubt he would answer. TO:Ni:) Niall Please answer! We need to talk where are you? FROM:Lexi I waited a few moments untill he answered. FROM:Ni:) Think about when you first broke my heart TO:Lexi The first time I broke his heart? I tried thinking back to middle school..... *** Flashback to  6th grade*** The dismissal bell had just rung and it was the end of the school day. I walked up to my locker and put my books away that I didn't need. A note fell out of my locker. I picked it up and it was from Niall. I smiled. I had a pretty huge crush on Niall. My heart was beating faster as I opened up the letter. Lexi, Meet me in the park behind school. I need to tell you something. Love, Niall Love. He said love. My thoughts were interrupted as my boyfriend Zach walked over and hugged me. ''Hey Lexi.'' he said. ''Hey, I gotta go Zach. My mom wants me home early.'' ''Want me to walk you home?'' he asked. ''No it's fine. See you tomorrow.'' I hugged him as I made my way to the back of the school at the park. When I got to the park I saw Niall sitting down on the bench. He had a shoe box in his hands. It was a vans box. I really missed my Vans. The old ones I had broke. I walked over to him and sat down next to him. ''Hey Ni!'' ''Hey....'' he said looking down at his feet. ''Is there something you want to talk about?'' I asked him. ''Um...yeah just something I have to get off my chest... about you.'' he looked up at me and I melted inside. ''Lexi, I... uhh.. kinda have a crush on you.. ever since we met. And I don't know if you feel the same.'' I frooze. Zayn would hurt me if I broke up with Zach and if I did something he didn't tell me to do. '' Umm.. Niall.. I am kinda dating Zach right now..'' I told him. I automatically regretted it as I saw his face. ''It's ok Lexi umm..but I got you these.'' he told me handing me the shoe box. ''Thank you so much Niall!'' I said giving him a hug. ***End of Flashback*** I immediatly started running as fast as I could to the park. I saw him sitting on a bench exactly where he was when it happened. He looked heartbroken with his head in his hands. I ran over to him and hugged him. ''Niall, before you say anything..'' he interrupted my apology by crashing his lips into mine. I kissed back passionatly, wrapping my arms around his neck. Taking in every beautiful part of him. His eyes, his smile, his laugh, his personality.. everything. Finally, we both broke the kiss out of breath. ''Niall, I have... always had feelings for you. I just can't tell you the reason of why I didn't tell you I felt the same that day yet. I need to talk to that person first. Niall, I'm in love with you.'' His shining blue eyes stared into my dark brown ones. ''It's Harry isn't it? He's the reason..'' he looked down. ''No Niall I promise you it's not him okay!.. It's.. Zayn....he physically hurt me because..'' The tears were streaming down my face. Niall stood up,'' WHAT DID THAT BASTARD DO TO YOU!'' He roared of anger. His eyes were dark and it scared me.'' N--Zayn.... don't hit..'' All the bad memories were flooding back in my mind.The screaming, the sadness, the abuse, the terror. Niall's face softened. ''Alex..Alex!'' He gripped my shoulders. ''Look at me..'' he whispered. ''I will love you forever and always no matter what.'' My hands were trembling. His face went from Niall to Zayn... My hands went to my head. ''GET OFF OF ME ZAYN..WHERE'S MY DAD??!! AHHHH'' I screamed petrified. ''LEXI! LEXI NOO ITS ME! NIALL!'' he looked into my eyes as he screamed at me. All the sudden there was no more terror. No more bad memories. No more of the Zayn I didn't like. ''Niall..'' I whispered my hands on his face. He held me and wiped me tears away. We stayed their for a awhile in the dark. My feet were on his lap and my head on the bench. He started to take off my right shoe. ''Niall, what the..." I was about to say until he interrupted me. ''Lexi, when I gave you these Vans, I honestly thought you would have the same feelings and be mine. I wrote something in your right shoe because I thought it was the right time, the right place. But it wasn't. That right time is now.'' He took the sole out as it started to rain. ''Niall, shouldn't we get back to Zayn's. It's about to downpo-..'' He showed me what it on the bottom of the sole. It said, Forever and Always with a heart next to it and his name. I was speechless. ''Niall.. I...'he stopped me once again pecking my lips as it started to downpour. He lifted me up bridal style and placing me upright on the bench. We were getting drenched as he got down on one knee and but my shoe back on. ''Forever and Always Alex..'' He took my hand as we ran back to Zayn's house ready to have some fun.
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