I'm Never Going to Change... A ONE DIRECTION FANFICTION

AlexNicole Smith is a normal girl. She has a job, works hard, likes to have fun, is very smart, and is known as a "Good Girl". In middle school, she goes goes to the school with the boys of One Direction (before they were a band). They were the popular group and Alex was a regular girl hopeing to get noticed. Well she did... But not in the most positive way by them. She promised herself after that experience she would never change for anyone ever again. 10 years later her crazy sister Sam drags her to a One Direction concert. Will she reunite with the boys? Will she fall in love? Will they fall in love? Will conflict and tragedy arise? Find out in "I'm Never Going To Change".


3. "Is it really you Lex?"

    Alex's POV:

     The concert just ended and Sam was dragging me backstage. I really don't wanna face them right now but I'm just gunna have to suck it up and go with it. We showed the security guard Paul our passes and we went. 

**Flashback to Middle School**

    "Hey Lexi" " Hey Niall" I said looking down at my feet. He was with his girlfriend Taylor. It killed me to see them together. I liked Niall a lot. "Hey Taylor" I said. "Is something wrong Lex?" Niall asked. "Everything" I whispered and I ran off crying. That was the last day of 8th grade and then I never saw the boys again.

** End of Flashback**

     "Oh sorry I didn't mean to bump into you" I heard a deep familiar voice interrupting my thoughts. It was Harry! Wait Alex you still hate them! Don't show them you care. He looked up at me. I started tearing up. "Lexi? Is it really you Lex?" I ran has my tear drops hit the floor. I ran as fast as I could into what looked like a dressing room. I couldn't handle this. They ruined my middle school years. Sam followed me inside. I wept a thousand tears into her shoulder. 

   Sam's POV: 

     I am so confused, angry, and annoyed at my sister. SHE NEVER TOLD ME SHE KNEW THEM! But I don't know how! And I'm going to find out!

     Harry's POV: 

      I bumped into this girl by accident. ''Oh sorry I didn't mean to bump into you'' I said. I looked up and I saw Alex.My mouth was agape I was about to say something to her. My heart was telling me to tell her those three little words I have always felt deep in my heart i just never expressed it to her. She looked up with a hurt expression when she saw me and she ran away crying. I was about to grab her hand and pull her into a hug and comfort because I know I was part of the reason she was hurt. Wait... I am the reason she was hurt! I mentally slapped myself for being such an idiot in middle school and only caring about my reputation. I ran after her promising myself that I will protect her and that I will never hurt her.



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