I'm Never Going to Change... A ONE DIRECTION FANFICTION

AlexNicole Smith is a normal girl. She has a job, works hard, likes to have fun, is very smart, and is known as a "Good Girl". In middle school, she goes goes to the school with the boys of One Direction (before they were a band). They were the popular group and Alex was a regular girl hopeing to get noticed. Well she did... But not in the most positive way by them. She promised herself after that experience she would never change for anyone ever again. 10 years later her crazy sister Sam drags her to a One Direction concert. Will she reunite with the boys? Will she fall in love? Will they fall in love? Will conflict and tragedy arise? Find out in "I'm Never Going To Change".


2. Dreading this moment......

   **7 years later**

 Alex's POV:

   I was tearing up a bit as I remembered that memory. It was 7 years later and I was still thinking about those boys. Well maybe it was because my little sister whose only a year younger than me dragged me to a One Direction concert. Oh and just to add fuel to my fire she got back stage passes to so I had to talk to them. GREATTTT ! I know any girl would be dieing to be in my situation right now but I rather go die in a hole.... For real. "OMG WE ARE HERE!" My sister Samantha screamed interrupting my thoughts. I never told her I went to school with the boys because I knew she would freak. I just told her there were 5 boys I knew just not One Direction.

I groaned "stop being a little ass and just get out of the car Sam!" I jumped out of the car and followed my sister inside the arena. Oh I was so not looking forward to this at all! "Stop being a grouch and let's go!" Sam yelled. We ran to our seats which were front row and we sat down. We waited untill the concert started.

 Nialls POV:

    I am so excited to be in America again! Especially since we are in New York. It's where I met her... I can't even say her name without breaking. What are you saying Niall forget about it you will never see her again! I was deep in thought untill Liam touched my shoulder. ''You alright mate? You seem a bit off since we got to New York?'' ''I'm alright LiLi. Thanks though.'' He chuckled. '' I will get it out of you Horan! Now come on let's go. We gotta be on stage in.. 30 SECENDS!'' We ran onto to the stage just making it with the rest of the boys. ''Hey everyone are you ready for this concert to start!'' I yellled into my mic.

Alex's POV;

   I heard a familiar Irish voice and my heart skipped a beat! Oh Alex why are you feeling like this! "Hey everyone are you ready for this concert to start!" My ears were bleeding as thousands of girls screamed on the top of their lungs. I saw Niall glance at me at the corner of my eye in shock. I don't know what came into me but I waved. My sister glared at me. I saw Niall walk over to the boys and whisper something to them. They all looked at me and I pretended to look away. Oh this is not good! As the concert went on I saw them all glance at me every once and awhile and I was starting to feel a bit  uncomfortable.

Nialls POV; 

     I scanned the crowd with a little bit of hope that maybe she could be here. What am I kidding she porbably hates our guts! Out of the corner of my eye I saw her. Her red hair was cascading over her body perfectly. She wore a short green top and high waisted black jeans. She had a Celtics snapback on not really caring what anyone thought about it. She wore her sparkly Vans which I remember buying her another pair when her old ones broke back in 6th grade. That's when she didnt hate me. When we were friends. When it was Alex and Niall or Niall and Alex....I saw the backstage pass around her neck. My heart skipped a beat. I love this girl whether she likes it or not.

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