The luck of the Niall

Im just a plain nerd. No one wants to date a nerd. But Niall Horan saw something that no one saw, not even me. I wonder what he sees?!?


5. The plan in action

Niall's pov

Katy is having me sneak through the window the leads to her bedroom. She stated that she will be beat one last time so he won' t come here and I won't get caught.

I can hear the screams of Katy and her father. Her father needs to get arrseted as soon as we can get away I am calling the danm police.

After bout an hour, I hear silence, then a badly beaten Katy stumbles in the room almost falling with every step.

"Oh my goodness, Katy are you ok?"I was being over proctictive at this point.

"Yea, I know it looks bad but I am immune to the pain. Plus I have worse beatings." she replied calmly.

"Ready to leave and never come back?"I ask.

"I can't, he put a gps in my phone." she said half crying.

"Leave it here, I'll buy you a new one." With that she threw her old light blue flip phone on the bed.

"Let me call Louis, he can get us a lift back and I don't think its the best idea to let you walk on that foot."I said while pointing at her swollen ankle. I felt so bad for her. I wanted her to be mine, I wouldn't do anything to harm her. What she has gone threw, no one deserves that.

*Skip phone call*

"Louis will be here as fast as he can, he'll txt me when he is outside."


"Are you sure your ok, Katy?"

"Yea, I'm fine"

I didnt really believe her.

No one's pov

L:Louis N:Niall

L:Hey Niallers:D I'm outside so hurry your fat ass and get out here jk jk:)

N:Ok, just let me help Katy she got hurt bad, tell you about it later. Be there in a few and I'm a proud fat ass for your info

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