The luck of the Niall

Im just a plain nerd. No one wants to date a nerd. But Niall Horan saw something that no one saw, not even me. I wonder what he sees?!?


6. Seeing the boys again

Louis's pov

My phone beeped, it was Niall. I quickly scanned his text. I laughed at his last remark. He was a fat ass, but I was the only that called him that because he was my buddy now that Harry was having sex with my now ex girlfriend Eleanor.

The door opened and I saw a very beaten and injuried Katy hop into the back with Niall.  He looked at me with pleading eyes as my phone beeped again. It was another text from Niall. He didn't want me to ask what had happened to Katy. I looked at him and nodded quickly and started driving.

Niall pov

I was so worried about Katy. I hadn't known her long but I really do love her and I want her to be mine but right now, I don't think is the best time to ask. I mean I would but she barely knows me. I want her to love me for me, not for the fame and the money. But I could really tell that she really didn't care who were by the reaction she gave us at the interview.


As we turned and and I saw the most beautiful girl in the whole world. I knew I was starring at her cause Zayn had nudged me and I finally took my eyes of her.She had rolled her eyes at us. I was suprised.

"I don't think I'm pretty" hit me as a shock.

Her phone sone beeped and then she just ran out!

*End of flashback*

Katy will be mine

"What?!?" I heard

"Did I just say that out loud?"

"No, I'm just messing with you, or am I?" she said while laughing.

Katy's pov

Niall just said that I will be his. But he did have something that I liked about him. I did want to date him. But he would never date me. I'm a nobody.

"Here"Louis said

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