The luck of the Niall

Im just a plain nerd. No one wants to date a nerd. But Niall Horan saw something that no one saw, not even me. I wonder what he sees?!?


4. Chat with Niall

Katy's pov

My dad woke up, and find out that I snuck out. I was so scared to go back but if I don't go back the beating will only be worse then what I'm already in for.

"KATY WAIT UP" Niall screamed behind me while grabbing my wrist and spun me around.

Niall's pov

I looked at her beautiful face, her eyes were full of tears.

"Love, whats wrong?" I asked protectively.

"My dad found out that I snuck out and if I don't hurry back the beating from my dad will be horrible." She stated quickly and she was shaking. I got an idea.

"Can you sneak me in and then I'll get you some stuff and then we'll sneak out later tonight and you'll never have to go back." I asked

"It's gonna be risky but it'll be worth it if it works." She replied.

*At Katy's house*

"Here we go" I said

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