The luck of the Niall

Im just a plain nerd. No one wants to date a nerd. But Niall Horan saw something that no one saw, not even me. I wonder what he sees?!?


2. At home

Katy's pov

I was sitting in my room.I'd like to stay quiet cause if I don't my dad will beat me. My phone vibrated. I didn't reconize the number but I still answered. But that was a mistake.

Niall's pov

I couldn't get my mind off this girl. Her blonde hair met at the middle of her back. Her clothes weren't trashy, they were perfect. I knew her glasses was fake, but she looked adorable anyway.

"NIALLER" then a pillow made contact with my face.

"What the fuck Louis?? What was that for?" I asked angrly.

"We have to go to the interview. Then to Nando's" I heard Nando's and we were off to the interview.

Katy's pov

I dropped my phone to my drunk father.

"You bitch!!!"he yelled angrly. Then his fist came in contact with my stomach.

"I'm sorry"I replied out of habit.

"Don't you ever talk bad about me. A boy named Nick came by and said you called me a man whore"he stated. He slapped my face.

"I would never say that. Your a perfect father"I lied hopeing that would work. Luckily it did and he left and fell asleep in a matter of minutes. I heard his loud snores.

I carefully snuck down stairs to go to a interview I had for my youtube channel. I sang and I was proud of it.

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