The luck of the Niall

Im just a plain nerd. No one wants to date a nerd. But Niall Horan saw something that no one saw, not even me. I wonder what he sees?!?


1. School

Katy's pov

I was sitting in the back corner of english, away from the perfs, they think their perfect!! They think there pretty, popular, and perfect. They just need a reliaty check. Now everyone knows pretty and smart don't mix very well. Im just smart. I have blonde hair, wears graphic tees with skinny jeans with my black converse. I have fack glasses with a bow on the top right corner.

The bell rung as i finished the homework while everyone finished half the assignment and had extra homework. The day was only half way over, and no bullies have come my way. Then a peircing scream disrupted my thoughts.

I turned my head to see the one and only One Direction. I really hated One Direction. I only hated them because they stole the song I wrote. But I'm not gonna get into that.

"Hey Queen of the Nerds" Nick said.

"What do you want Nick?" I asked quickly cause One Direction was getting closer and i swore Niall was checking me out. It was disgusting.

"Why in such a rush Katy? Gotta hurry home to be beat up by your father?"Nick said while laughing evily. I just stared while i was attempting to hold back my tears.

"I..I don't know what your talking bout." I studered

"Of course you do. I saw you. He did just this to you."He stated before punching me in gut hard. I fell to the ground. I looked up didn't see Nick. I got up quickly, grabbed my bag. I ran to the ladies room to see how bad the bruise was gonna be.

Niall's pov

I saw the most beautiful girl. That was the only reason why we stopped at the high school. She looked about 18. Then I saw a guy walk up to her and she looked scared after a minute of talking to him. The next thing I knew she got punched in the stomach. I ran over there before he kicked her. I didn't hurt him. But I knew she was. I have to meet her.


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