I'm way different then normal wolfblood's

This story is about the new girl Destiny, but she isn't who she appears to be. She's different on both sides of her life, and only 1 boy thinks that awesome, while everyone else thinking its crazy and not normal. Lets see how destiny will react with Destiny...


3. Sneak Peak! Sorry!

Hi!!! So, I know I haven't posted this story in like a year, but thing is I kinda gave up on it. But then I read it all over again, and was like "What The Hell?" BTW, Destiny is played by Indiana Evans(but with an American accent) and you know Zammy the cat? Well, if you've seen Sabrina The Teenage Witch, then you'll know that her cat is named Salem, and well that's the same cat and voiced used as Zammy! Picture included!

So anyway, lets get straight to the story:


Destiny's P.O.V

As I follow Marco, i'm pretty sure he knows im following him. "You can come out now." I hear him say...to me. Damn!



I am so sorry that this isn't an update, but I wanted to say please check out my Teen Wolf fanfic on Wattpad.com or you can wait for it to be uploaded here. Thing is, I will be using a new account! Called: Caroline_231864 its really good! (between us... theres a vampire involved!)

Any way the story is called "Dark Side" Thanks!

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