I'm way different then normal wolfblood's

This story is about the new girl Destiny, but she isn't who she appears to be. She's different on both sides of her life, and only 1 boy thinks that awesome, while everyone else thinking its crazy and not normal. Lets see how destiny will react with Destiny...


2. Keep Your Secret's Closed

Destiny-not just yet

Seth-where do you want to go?

Destiny-back in time*get's on motorcycle*

They drive up to an abandoned house in the middle of the wood's...

Seth-*stops his motorcycle and takes off his helmet*I s this it?

Destiny-I think so.....this is where they used to live


Destiny-yeah...it says Argent


Destiny-yeah, have you heard it before?

Seth-yeah it's French

Destiny-for what?


Destiny-uhh....could we...umm..just take me back to my house



Destiny-thanks for the ride, I'll see you tomorrow?

Seth-um no, you won't

Destiny-why not?

Seth-my dad got a new job

Destiny-that's great

Seth-In Argentina

Destiny-What? Your gonna move again?

Seth-I'm sorry, it's out of my hands, but we'll still be together

Destiny-no, we can't, your going to move I'm going to stay, everyone knows what to do when that happens

Seth- I was afraid you'd say that

Destiny-me too, by Seth

He drive's away on his motorcycle as she run's into the house

Dad-he sweetie how'd your first--*door slam* what's wrong with her?

Zammy-I don't know

The next day....

*At School*



Mary-So, me and some friends are going to the movies on Saturday, you want to come?

Destiny-can't, I'm grounded

Mary-then sneak out

Destiny-that's not an option, my dad will know if I'm gone, trust me he'll know

Mary-security camera's?

Destiny-yeah I'll stick with that



Ryan-So, how's the motorcycle boyfriend?

Mary-you have a boyfriend? And didn't tell me?

Destiny-I broke up with him

Ryan-*seems happier*you did, I mean*seems sad*you did?

Destiny-yeah, he was moving to Argentina anyway

Mary-I'm sorry

Destiny-doesn't matter

Ryan-well, you still wanna hang out sometime?

Destiny-I'd say yes, but this morning 3 other guys asked me the same thing and I said "no"

Mary-which guy's?

Destiny-well the first 2 came together, the taller one had red hair and freckles, and the shorter on had curly brown hair

Ryan-what about the 3rd one?

Destiny-he was tall, black hair, and had an earring


Destiny-is that his name?

Mary-yeah, Marco Thomas

Ryan-the school's bad boy

Mary-he isn't much of a bad boy, he's just..what's the word I'm looking for?


Mary-yeah that's it. He shows up to school goes to his regular classes and the thing is he never talks, I mean we see him talking to the teachers but with student's he's mute

Destiny-then what dose he do for lunch?

Ryan-Actually I don't think he ever goes to the canteen, dose he?

Mary-yeah, whenever it's time for lunch he just disappears, and when the bell rings he enters the class like everyone


Ryan-he actually talked to you?


*Bell Ring's*

Ryan-that's lunch!

Mary-come on!

Destiny-ok!*almost enters the canteen but stops when she see's Marco*


Destiny-uhh no, I'm not that hungry

Mary-ok, see at class

Destiny-ok*she's gone*Let's see where he goes....

Cliffhanger Alert!!!!! I luv leaving cliffhangers, I see them on House of Anubis, and on other stuff, they are so awesome, yet so....mysterious. HAHAHA. Anyway comment, like, favorite, and thanks!


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