I'm way different then normal wolfblood's

This story is about the new girl Destiny, but she isn't who she appears to be. She's different on both sides of her life, and only 1 boy thinks that awesome, while everyone else thinking its crazy and not normal. Lets see how destiny will react with Destiny...


1. Brand new day...and brand new school

In Destiny's room:

Destiny-what's that noise?

Zammy-I don't know, lets check it out

Destiny-what if its a dog? Or a wolf? You hate K-9's

Zammy-I'm a cat, I'm suppose to

Destiny-whatever, anyway you stay here

*walks out the door, to the back door and finds a wolf eating a dead chicken*

Destiny-..........Get back inside!

Wolf-*tries to escape*

Destiny-oh no you don't....*eyes turn yellow-y and she growls*

Wolf-*whins and falls into a cellar while she locks it*

Destiny-*walks inside the house*

Zammy-what was it? I heard growling!

Destiny-just go back to bed, Zammy


In the morning...

Destiny-you coming?

Zammy-you ask that question and you know my answer

Destiny-still scared he's not back to normal huh?

Zammy-No! Its just...I...have something...important...to...do

Destiny-like what?

Zammy-uhh...ohh forget it just get him out, or better yet leave him in


Zammy-why not

Destiny-then who's gonna give me money to buy your tuna, fish, and milk

Zammy-good point

*She goes down a door to the basement and unlocks a door with 5 different padlocks*

Destiny-morning, Dad(sarcastic)

Dad-hi sweetie

Destiny-I can't believe you breaked out! And eating that chicken!

Dad-well, the full moon is...wait a minute you were still dressed when you came out, didn't you say you'd go to bed right away?

Destiny-uhh, got to go to school!*walks up*

Dad-fine, and feed the cat

Zammy-excuse me but this cat has a name

Dad-who cares and I still don't believe that your a wolfblood and he's a cat! A wolfblood shouldn't own a cat, a wolfblood should eat one

Zammy-watch it, wolfie


Zammy-*meows violently with his nails*

Destiny-quit it!


Destiny-you guys still don't get along, its been 8 years

Dad-still, why'd you chose that kind of animal?

Destiny-I was 7, I didn't know I was a wolfblood, I like cats

Zammy-the weird thing is, she's a wolf and I like her as an owner

Dad-And how those he talk!

Destiny-we've went over this like 10,000 times, Dad

Zammy-remember, I told you that before I came here, I was a witches cat

Dad-and those were the good times

Zammy-*meow's violently*




Destiny-I'm going to school, it's not good to be late on your first day, bye the way I really hate that we moved but happy that Seth also lives here, who knew that him moving here could come in handy; Zammy, there's a California roll in my room just for you, and Dad, I'm pretty sure that chicken is still there considering you left it half of its arm,

Dad-your great uncle's will said he left it for us, so don't hesitate and be glad he's here

Destiny-whatever, bye guys


Zammy-that's disgusting

Dad-shut up and don't tell Destiny this, but she's going to transform the next full moon*Excited*

Zammy-you must be happy, she's finally growing up

Dad-that's not why I'm excited, when she's a wolf all you'll be to her is a late night snack


At School...

Destiny-excuse me, where do I find room 206?

??-your new here right?

Destiny-yeah, I'm Destiny, how'd you know?

??-I'm Mary and your accent is American


Mary-so, what part of America are you from?


Mary-ok, well welcome to NorthBridge High School

Destiny-thanks, and the room

Mary-right, you just go down the hallway 2nd door on your left

Destiny-thanks bye


She follows the direction's until she bumps into someone

??-Hey watch where*looks at her*sorry, um...it's my fault

Destiny-its ok

??-your american?


??-I didn't know American's were so cute, I'm Ryan

Destiny-I'm Destiny

Ryan-beautiful name, maybe I'll see you around

Destiny-maybe you will, maybe you won't

8hrs & 2min later...

Ryan-So, Mike, Charlie did you check out the new girl?

Mike-the american?

Charlie-I saw her she's hot

Ryan-don't get any ideas, she's mine

Destiny-*walks out of school while checking her phone*


Destiny-oh hi

Ryan-so you uh need a ride?

Destiny-no, mine will be here soon

Ryan-ok, so I was like thinking if you would like to hang out sometime

Destiny-like a date?


Destiny-sorry actually I'm...

A guy with a motorcycle arrives

Destiny-and here's my ride

Ryan-that's your ride?

Destiny-yeah, Ryan this is Seth, my boyfriend


Ryan-ok, well I'll see you around


Seth-so, we going back to yours?

Destiny-not just yet...

OMG I really hope you liked it, cause I'm gonna upload once a week, p.s.Destiny's mom died when she was a baby; Zammy, the cat, is a black cat that can talk cause he was a witches cat once and made him talk with a potion; Destiny is a wolfblood, if you don't know what that is then its like a werewolves and I picked wolfblood cause there's a series called wolfblood and it's sort of based on it.

anyway, see ya l8er-Zoe

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