You had me at hello - a Zayn Malik fan fiction (not famous)

19 years old Irene has a normal boring life in Italy, until the day she leaves for the U.K. with her best friend Alice. There, she meets Zayn, the most beautiful boy she has ever seen.
Love, friendship, jealousy and drama mess up Irene's new life, giving her the chance to find what she has been looking for.


13. "Won't let sadness overwhelm me"

“Mmmmh… breath in, breath out, Irene!”

I’m in front of the mirror in my bathroom getting physically and psychologically ready for tonight. It’s been more than two weeks since that night at the cinema, and I haven’t seen Perrie since then. Her words resounded in my head for a long time: “I know what you really want... You like him Irene, don’t deny the obvious!”. Fuck, arrogant bitch. I obviously do, I really like him, but I never did anything in order to take him away from her. I’m not that kind of person. I’m not strong and confident enough to think that a wonderful person like Zayn would leave his girlfriend to stay with me; even if his girlfriend is a snob, sassy, ugly bitch, as in this case.

I clearly have seen Zayn a lot of times, at his house. He’s always kind and friendly to me. One day, while I was doing the laundry, there was a black out. Zayn was in his room, listening to music. I heard him swear when the song suddenly stopped.  The sky outside was covered in dark, frightening clouds, therefore the house was completely dark now. A few seconds later came a lighting and then a loud thunder filled the air. The storm had caught us by surprise, and, being the childish coward I am, I started panicking. “Zaaaayn! Zaaaayn!”. We were the only ones in the house, and I irrationally felt the urge to feel him next to me. I turned around to look for the door, walking with my hands up, touching the air around me, because I couldn’t see anything. “Za-“ I interrupted my words when my hand met a warm body, and I recognized Zayn’s shadow standing in front of me. “I tried to switch the lights on but I think the thunder may have damaged the electrical system. Come with me, let’s go find some candles or flashlight.” He took my hand, leading me through the darkness. Seeing nothing, all my senses focused on our hands wrapped together, on our skins touching. Needless to say that my heart was racing, as it usually did when I came in physical contact with Zayn. We managed to reach the living room, as the storm outside had raised, and the rain was now heavy and loud. Zayn lit up a candle, and his perfect sweet face was now visible. He smiled at me and whispered: “You look scared!”. I felt embarrassed but confessed “I’ve never been a fan of storms and black outs!” making him laugh. “let’s sit on the sofa, what else can we do if not wait for the storm to end?” he suggested, his hazel eyes sparkling in the semi-darkness. We sat down. We talked, talked a lot. Almost about anything that came up to our minds. By the time his mom and sisters came home, the candle was almost  consumed. That was one of the best evening of all time. I had Zayn all for me, his beautiful eyes focused on me. No girlfriends, no friends, no one around to steal him from me. But soon, I got brought back to reality, and it was almost shocking. That night, at home, I cried, I cried a lot. Since my ex boyfriend left me and broke my heart, I have never felt this way before. Zayn makes me feel butterflies in my stomach again, but I can’t have him. And that’s the sad part of the story.

But tonight, I promised to myself that I’m not going to let sadness overwhelm me. I’m going to drink, have fun and, why not, find a hot guy that can distract me from thinking about Zayn. I wish it was that easy.

“Ireneeee, can I come in?!” Alice scream from behind the bathroom door.

“Sure, you know I’m not the chaste one!”

She enters the room, wearing a beautiful brown dress.

“Wow, Alice, that dress really fits you!” I stare at her. “Louis is a lucky man!”

“Ooooh!” she moans, hugging me. “Thank you! What about you, are you going to get dressed or are you planning to come to the party in your underwear?” she ask, scanning my half-naked body.

“Auch, don’t put more pressure on me, I’m already stressed out.” I whine. “I’m fat, I don’t know what to wear, I don’t know how to stand Perrie’s disgusting face while she kisses Zayn in front of me, I don’t know how to deal with Harry and I…”

“Ok, calm down, my friend!” Alice interrupts me, as she notices that my eyes are filled with tears. Yeah, the all “don’t let the sadness overwhelm me” plan is working really well.

“You are perfect, your body is perfect, and you are going to be the hottest girl at that fucking party, ok?” she looks straight into my eyes, putting her hands on my shoulders. “Don’t think about Perrie and Zayn. She is the one that should be worried about tonight, ‘cause we’ll probably need to call an ambulance and surgically remove Zayn’s eyes from you as you’re going to be daaamn sexy!”

I start laughing and she joins me. I take a deep breath and wipe the tears away from my face.

“Ok, I think I definitely need some help.”

Alice’s face lightens up.

“I know what we need.”

She runs in the kitchen and comes back a few minutes later with a bottle and two small glasses in her hands.

“Vodka, is the answer, my friend!” 

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