You had me at hello - a Zayn Malik fan fiction (not famous)

19 years old Irene has a normal boring life in Italy, until the day she leaves for the U.K. with her best friend Alice. There, she meets Zayn, the most beautiful boy she has ever seen.
Love, friendship, jealousy and drama mess up Irene's new life, giving her the chance to find what she has been looking for.


22. What have I gotten into?

After few seconds I break the kiss, pushing away, and look at the floor, too scared that if I looked into Zayn’s eyes I would just see disgust, anger, or worst, derision.

“S-sorry… I don’t know what came to my mind!” I mumble, stepping back from his hug and fixing my hair and shirt nervously.

When I take courage to lift my head and glance at him, I find him motionless, staring at me, with an unreadable look in his eyes. Gosh, what is he thinking?

“Zayn, Zayn, sorry, I-I just… I did that without thinking, I know you have a girlfriend, I-I’m sorry, let’s pretend it never happened ok? I’m really sorry I shouldn’t have…“ my words come out without any logic, I’m embarrassed as never before. I quickly reconnect my brain, and turn around, heading to the door of my building, in order to get out of this situation as fast as I can.


Zayn grabs one of my arms, calling my name, and stops me from walking away. I turn to face him, and all I can see is his beautiful face approaching mine, his perfect eyes closing while our mouths meet again. This time he kisses me, softly at first; but the kiss becomes deeper, while my body surrenders to Zayn, and we get closer, holding each other in a sweet hug, becoming like just one thing.

I don’t know for how long we’ve been kissing, I don’t even know where the fuck we are, I don’t even remember my own name. All I can focus on his our lips fusing, our tongues combining, our bodies touching, his hands running on my skin, mine on his. Nothing else matters, nothing else seems to exist.

As Zayn pulls away from me, I feel like he’s just taken my breath away, and I lock my eyes on his. We stay like that for a while, staring at each other, hugging and sharing our thoughts through our gazes.

He fixes a lock of my hair, smiling, and caresses my lips with his thumb, before stepping away.

“Irene…I’d better get going.” He says, turning quite serious and biting his lips nervously.

I don’t know why he’s running away so fast, I don’t know why he has to leave me here alone right after he kissed me so passionately.

He must have read the thoughts going on in my mind, because he softly smiles, coming back close to me, taking my hand and gently rubbing it.

“Sorry but…I really have to go now. We’ll talk, soon, ok?”

He kisses me on the cheek and walks away.

I go upstairs, reach my flat and get in. Alice is there and notice my shocked and dreamy look as soon as she sees me.

“Irene…are you ok?” she giggles.

“Zayn and I…kissed.” I say emotionless, still not believing what just happened to me.

Alice squeaks and jumps. “REALLY?! When? Where???? HOW?!?”. She understands how much this means to me and can’t wait to know the details. We sit on the couch and I tell her everything about the night.

 “Wooow!” at the end of my story, Alice’s mouth is wide opened in astonishment.

“Yeah…” I’m not too enthusiastic though. “But why would he run away after that kiss?” my eyes start getting wet as my emotions finally recollect. “I-I kissed him, and I thought he was angry, but then he kissed, Alice! HE!” I’m sobbing like a baby now. Too much for tonight.

My best friend hugs me and rubs my back. “Irene! Don’t be sad! You just kissed the boy of your dreams! He probably ran away because he was…shocked, astonished! Or maybe…he felt kind of guilty. He still has a girlfriend, even if she’s one of the worst bitches ever!”

I laugh and rub my eyes. Alice’s words manage to make me feel better.

“C’mon, it’s almost 1 am. Let’s go to bed, we gotta go to work tomorrow morning!”


The next day, I have a shift at the bakery. As soon as I arrive there, I meet Harry.

“Hi!” he smiles tenderly.

“Hi, Haz…” I try to hide my embarrassment. We’ve never talked after our night together.

“Irene, come with me, just a sec.” he grabs my hand and leads me in the backroom. He places right in front of me, with his hands in his pockets, and sighs heavily before speaking.

“First: I really like you. No need to say a lie.” He says locking his emerald eyes on mine, causing me to blush. “Second: you don’t need to feel embarrassed, or anything. Last night was…” he rolls his eyes making a cute smirk and biting his lip. “…but: I know there’s no future for us.” He concludes seriously. “I still want to be your friend though.” His little dimple pops up, making him look even cuter.

I smile back at him. “Ok.” It’s all I’m able to say. We share a hug, and head back to the store. During our day of work together he really manages to make me feel comfortable, making me forget about the night we shared and pushing away all the embarrassment. Probably being in love with Harry would be much easier.




Hi :) First of all thank you all for reading my story, and thank you really much for your comments, they really mean a lot to me!

Tomorrow I’m leaving home, and I’m gonna stay away for about 10 days, so… I will not be able to update till then :/ Hope you forgive me, and don’t forget about my story (cause I can assure I’m gonna finish it as soon as I can :)

Thank you, Irene :D 

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