You had me at hello - a Zayn Malik fan fiction (not famous)

19 years old Irene has a normal boring life in Italy, until the day she leaves for the U.K. with her best friend Alice. There, she meets Zayn, the most beautiful boy she has ever seen.
Love, friendship, jealousy and drama mess up Irene's new life, giving her the chance to find what she has been looking for.


7. "Trust me"

We’re in Zayn’s car; he starts the engine and departs.

“Where are you taking me, Zayn?” I ask a little worried. This guy is giving me a heart attack.

“You’ll see.”

 “Zayn, I should be working now, your mother trusts me!”

You trust me now, ok?” Zayn smiles and quickly glances at me, putting his hand on mine. I feel like someone just gave an electrical shock.

The song “You had me at hello” by A Day to Remember stars playing at the radio and I squeak “Ooooh I love this song, can you turn it up please?!” I plead. He smiles and satisfies me.

We drive in silence, listening to the music. I feel so comfortable next to him; he’s already making me feel much better.

I know that I had sworn

 I’d never trust

 anyone again

 but I didn’t had to

 you had me at hello

I catch him staring at me, while I look out the window, lost in the melody if this beautiful song. My cheeks become red as soon as I notice his gaze.

After half an hour of travel, we reach a green wide field in the suburbs of Bradford.

“Follow me” Zayn says, turning the engine off and getting out of the car.

I reluctantly obey, and we walk across the field for some meters; then Zayn  suddenly stops and lays down on the grass.

“What are you doing?” I laugh.

“Lay down, next to me” he orders, patting the ground.


“Just do it, Irene, trust me!”

I hesitate for a while, and then I lay down right next to him. We both stare at the blue sky over our heads.

“I used to came here often, when I lived in the old house” Zayn tells. “I came here when I felt the need to relieve myself from anxiety or from…pain.”

“Why did your family move to the new house?”

“My older sister, Doniya, got married a few months ago and since my father had saved some money, we bought a biggest house, so that Doniya and her husband could stay in the first one. It was quite small for the five of us actually, but it was my first house, the one where I grew up and it was kind of sad leaving it.”

“I understand.”

“Good thing is that my mom is obsessed with order and cleanliness so she immediately started looking for someone to help her fixing the new house and so…you got a job!” he raises his eyebrows and grins, looking at me.

“I still don’t understand what we’re doing here!”

“Be patience.”

We stand still for a few minutes.


“Irene wait!”

I fume and cross my arms over my chest, making an angry expression that makes Zayn laugh.

When I’m really starting to think that Zayn must be high or something and that we’re there for no reason at all, I hear a buzz in the distance; I try to get up to see what’s going on, but Zayn grabs my hand, “Stay there” he whispers; a strong wind raises, bending the grass around us and moving our clothes; the ground starts shaking and I’m deeply scared. “ZAYN!”, I scream, squeezing his hand; he turn his head to face me and says “look up!”; I fixate my eyes on the sky, while the buzz on the background becomes louder and louder. Suddenly, a huge airplane flies over our heads, a few meters far from us; the air presses our bodies against the ground and I let out a scream of excitement and fear at the same time, still holding Zayn’s hand really tight. He laughs and as soon as the plane has flown away, he turns to see my reaction. I look back at him, gasping and shaking. I burst into laughter and he joins me.

“What the hell Zayn, my heart almost exploded!” I shout at him, still unable to stop laughing.

“The airport is just a few meters far from here, the planes pass over this field when they take off. Wasn’t it exciting?”

“Zayn, you’re crazy!!”

His laugh becomes louder. “And you almost broke my hand!”

I realize I’m still squeezing his hand and I quickly release him as I get up from the ground.

“Zayn Malik, one of these days you’re going to kill me!”

He stands up and he flips his hair. “At least I managed to make you smile again.”

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