You had me at hello - a Zayn Malik fan fiction (not famous)

19 years old Irene has a normal boring life in Italy, until the day she leaves for the U.K. with her best friend Alice. There, she meets Zayn, the most beautiful boy she has ever seen.
Love, friendship, jealousy and drama mess up Irene's new life, giving her the chance to find what she has been looking for.


18. The way home

We drive in silence. Harry is serious, nervously rubbing his chin with one of his hands. He didn’t even turn to look at me, not even once. Well, that’s probably not a bad thing, ‘cause all he would see is a stupid 19 years old girl with dripped make-up, cheeks on fire and shocked eyes.

What the hell did I just do? The sensation of freedom I felt in the moment I finished talking has now been replaced by embarrassment, regret, shame. I screamed at Perrie in front of tons of people; but what’s worse is that Zayn was there, and listened to every single word I said. And what’s even worse is that I confessed what I feel for him. “I’ve fallen for your boyfriend!”.

I turn to look at Harry. Why did he react like that? Liam said he ran away after hearing my speech. I would like to know what’s going on in his mind right now, but I’m scared that if I addressed him, he will probably bite me or strangle me.

I look out of the window, and I can’t help but let tears roll down my face again. Gosh, this has been the worst night ever. Zayn will hate me, and probably will never talk to me ever again. All I’ve been thinking about the past month is him, all I’ve been wishing  for is that he looked at me in a different way, that he accounted me as something more than just a friend. I wanted him to understand how he meant to me, how I felt connected to him, how my mind, body and spirit felt attracted  by every single detail of him. And now I ruined everything. I was so stupid to let Perrie’s provocations affect me too much, I wasn’t strong enough to be indifferent, and I let my emotions overwhelm me. Like I always do. I’m the kind of girl that doesn’t act rationally, just expresses what she feels, not giving a shit about consequences. And then regrets it.

I turn again to glance at Harry. He’s still oddly quiet.

“Ha-harry, I do-“
“Irene, please.” He sharply interrupts me, raising his voice like never before.

“I’ll take you home. We don’t need to talk.”

I stare at him, still silently crying.

We reach my flat after 5 minutes.

He parks next to the sidewalk, and turns his face away from me, looking out of the window, as to wait for me to leave. His leg is shaking fast.

I stay there, unable to leave him like that. I don’t know what I should say, so I just stay motionless, hoping he would change his mind and talk to me.

Then, he suddenly turns the engine off, letting out a sigh.


He lifts his head and I meet a pair of sad green eyes.

“Harry…” I repeat softer, wiping away the tears from my face.

He sighs again, and smiles a little.

I smile too and ask “Don’t you wanna come in?”

I actually don’t know why I said that, it sounded much different in my head. I just didn’t want him to go home so upset.

“Ok” he nods.

We get out of the car and enter the building, without saying a word. We take the lift, and Harry is still silent, and stares at me. His intense gaze is hard to sustain. I look at the ground, feeling pretty uncomfortable.

We reach my floor, walk along the corridor. I take the key from my bag, insert it in the keyhole, open the door. Everything is quiet, my flat is dark. Time seems to have slow down.

I get in, and I don’t even have the time to switch the light on: Harry strikingly grabs my waist with his hands, turns  me around to face him, pushes me against the wall and presses his body against mine. His face is a few inches away from mine, I can feel his breath on my skin; the light of the street coming through the windows hits his fascinating features, allowing me just to see the shape of his half-closed mouth, of his jaw line, of his cheek bones, and the sparkles of his frown gaze.

“I know you like him and you don’t want me” he whispers really softly with his husky voice. “But let me stay with you just for tonight.”

My body is shaking, and I’m not able to say a word. I heavily breath while my eyes run from his eyes to his lips, than to his eyes again.

Harry suddenly moves and presses his lips on mine; he waits for a few seconds, as to ask for permission to deepen the kiss. When I finally give up and open my lips, he kisses me passionately, giving me goose bumps. I grab his waist, while his hands run from my hips towards my breasts. We pull away just to walk to my room. We lay on my bed and kiss again, touching and rubbing our bodies against each other. We make sex forgetting about anything else around us, like it was just me, him and the strong attraction that was connecting us.

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