You had me at hello - a Zayn Malik fan fiction (not famous)

19 years old Irene has a normal boring life in Italy, until the day she leaves for the U.K. with her best friend Alice. There, she meets Zayn, the most beautiful boy she has ever seen.
Love, friendship, jealousy and drama mess up Irene's new life, giving her the chance to find what she has been looking for.


15. "He's everything I ever wanted"

The party goes on, drinking, dancing, singing, chatting. Everyone is having fun. I am too, ‘cause I’m trying to avoid Perrie and Zayn. I’m dancing with my best friends, Alice, Louis, Niall and Liam, I won’t let anyone ruin my happiness. Harry has left us a few minutes ago, saying he had to “say hello to a friend”. I can see him out of the corner of my eye: he’s talking to a tall, skinny blonde girl, who’s definitely not just a friend. They are looking straight into each other eyes, and the girl is playing around with a lock of her hair. She’s quite hot, and they are obviously flirting. Is this a bit of jealousy that I’m sensing here, Irene?

I turn away and meet Liam’s concentrated look as he moves along to “I’m sexy and I know it”. I make a smirk and get closer to him, making weird gestures to make him laugh. Behind his shoulder, I suddenly spot Perrie: she’s looking at me, talking with some friends of hers. I can’t hear her words, but I manage to lipread what she’s saying: “that fucking loser.”. I fight the instinct to run towards her and punch her, and I simply smile at her and stick out my middle finger. Her mouth falls wide open and she shakes her head evilly smirking, as to say “No, you didn’t just do that to me!”. Liam notices what’s going on and grabs my waist, whispering “Irene, stop it, please.” I focus on my group of friends, and try to forget about Perrie.


After some time, Alice asks me to go to the toilet with her. I agree, and we head to the bathroom, leaving the boys on the dance floor. I glance at Harry, who’s still talking with the blonde girl. Our gazes meet, and he stares at me with an unreadable expression on his face. I don’t know for how long we’ve been looking at each other like that.

“Oh, I see, she’s already trying to steal someone else’s boyfriend… and she’s obviously not succeeding at all!” Perrie’s hideous voice hits me. I turn to meet her grin.

“Oh, look, Alice, the jealous bitch is trying to provoke me. I swear, another drink and I’ll make you regret every word you said.”

Alice looks shocked by my mean words, and grabs my arm, forcing me to go on towards the toilet. “Irene, let it go, don’t  let her ruin your mood.” She whispers taking me away. We enter in the bathroom.

“Irene, I know she’s one of the most annoying people we’ve ever met, but we’re having a good time all together, me, you, Lou, Liam, Nialler…focus on this, don’t pay attention to her words!”

“I know Alice, but…” I stop and swallow, trying to calm down. “I’m drunk, excited and broken hearted by that fucking perfect guy out there who seems to not care about me at all, so I’m really not in the mood to sustain that whore, ok?” I’m on the verge of tears. “I’m actually having fun with you and the boys, but it’s hard to forget about Zayn. And she’s spoiling my attempt!”.

Alice nods, while softly caressing my forearm.

“I know how you feel, cutie.”

We stand there for a few minutes, as I try to pull myself together.

“Zayn is just… he has everything I ever hoped to find.” I spit out, letting the tears fall down. “He’s handsome, he’s kind, he’s smart, he’s funny and deep. When I see him I forget about anything else, my stomach burns, my head buzzes. When we talk… his voice, his tone, his words, his gazes. I just… I don’t even know how to explain how he makes me feel, to be honest. There’s nothing wrong about him.”

“Except for his girlfriend!” Alice claims, trying to ease the atmosphere.

“Exactly.” I laugh, wiping away the tears from my cheeks.

“C’mon my friend, fix your make-up and let’s go have fun with our friends!”.


We get out of the bathroom, and head to the point of the dance floor where we left Liam, Louis and Niall. I see Zayn talking to a guy I’ve never seen before, Perrie is not with them. Zayn lowers his face, and his eyes meet mine, causing me to blush. We exchange a sweet smile; but mine is full of meaning, while his is probably just kindness. Why are boys always so blind and slow?!

As I’m lost in Zayn’s eyes, I bump into someone.

“Sorry I didn’t se-“

“No problem, love.”

Harry’s emerald eyes glance down at me, a playful smirk on his face.

“Aren’t you thirsty? I think we should get a drink” he suggests, intertwining his fingers with mine. I gasp.

Alice stops and turns towards me with a confused look. Then she shakes her head and leaves me alone with Harry.

I hold his painfully deep gaze, and blurt out “Ok. Le-let’s go.”

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