You had me at hello - a Zayn Malik fan fiction (not famous)

19 years old Irene has a normal boring life in Italy, until the day she leaves for the U.K. with her best friend Alice. There, she meets Zayn, the most beautiful boy she has ever seen.
Love, friendship, jealousy and drama mess up Irene's new life, giving her the chance to find what she has been looking for.


47. Empy apartment


The needle of the clock is the only noise keeping me company. I’m sprawling on the sofa, under a blanket, still wearing my pajamas even though it’s 5 pm. I skipped my lessons, lingering in my empty bed till noon, eating like a pig and watching television all day. There’s nothing else I want to do, to be honest.

I haven’t been talking to Zayn for 3 days. 3 days. He didn’t call, text me, or visit me. And I’m really starting to think that maybe he will never talk to me again. And why? Just because I didn’t react how he expected me to when I saw Alex, my ex boyfriend. Just that. I mean, I can understand if he feels a little jealous or angry, but, c’mon…I don’t deserve this! It’s not fair of him to treat me like this. He’s exaggerating, he’s making a drama out of nothing, he’s being immature and selfish! I know he’s wrong…

…So why am I here depressed, feeling empty and alone, feeling like someone just stole a piece of my heart?

He’s already made me suffer, in a certain way, I should be prepared. But this time I’m feeling even worse, feeling like my whole world is crashing; I really don’t know how I’ll manage to go on without him. Without him. Even thinking about this option takes my breath away. I can’t. I just…can’t.

All of a sudden my phone rings, causing me to jolt and taking my thoughts away for a second.


“Irene? I’m Claudia.”

I swallow trying to keep calm.

“Irene…I’m sorry. I really wanted to apologize for bringing Alex to the pub that night, If only I had known…”

She hesitates and I can hear her sighing. “I really didn’t know you had been together, I met him few months ago, when he was dating my friend and I was on holiday in Glasgow, and we became friends, keeping in touch even after they broke up. But he never told me anything about you. I’m sorry.”

I wipe away the tears that have run sown my cheeks, and breathe in deeply.

“Don’t worry, Claudia. It’s not your fault, I know you didn’t mean to cause embarrassment or anything. You don’t need to apologize at all!”

“Ok…t-thank you. How are you?”

“Fine thanks!” I lie. “You?”

“Fine, I didn’t see you at lesson today!”
“Hum…” I swiftly look for a plausible excuse. “I’m not feeling really well, actually…I’ve got an headache!”

“Ok…” she seems not convinced at all. “Just another thing…” she goes on, and by the tone of his voice I understand that I’m not really gonna like what she’ll say. “Alex…huh…would like to see you. To talk to you. But he hasn’t got you number so he asked me to be the spokesperson…”

I stand still, speechless, not even breathing, trying to recollect my thoughts. He wants to see me? He left and didn’t speak to me for months and months, and now he wants to see me?


“Yeah, sorry, hum…I don’t think it’s a good idea. Hum…tell Alex to just pretend I don’t exist, ok?”I say, rubbing my forehead, wanting this conversation to end as soon as possible.

“Ok…” Claudia answers lowly, letting out a sigh as if she wanted to say something, but couldn’t find the words.

“Bye, Claudia, see you at University!” I rapidly sentence. “Hum and, another thing…” probably it’s not the right time to say this, but words come out of my mouth automatically. “What do you think about Liam?”

Claudia giggles, and I can bet she’s blushing. “Hum…he’s a nice guy…kind and…”

“What about dating him?”. I know, a little bit too direct and childish.

“Oh god, I don’t know if...he’s definitely interesting…but…w-would he date me?” incredulity in her trembling voice.

“He definitely would like to, trust me!”

Claudia laughs nervously and hesitates for a while. “Well…huh…would you please give his number?”

Wow, Liam’s love life is certainly easier than mine.

“Sure!” I exclaim, showing a little bit of enthusiasm. I’m happy for Liam, he would really deserve some luck and a good girl who truly likes him.

After giving Claudia Liam’s number I hang up and find myself in the emptiness of my flat, alone, again. I turn the volume of the telly on, trying to concentrate on the words of the host of this dull program. I unconsciously check my phone for the thousandth time today, but no calls, no text, nothing from Zayn. I drown my head in the pillow and soon fall asleep.

“What if I cheated on you, Irene?” Zayn is sitting on his bed, while I listen to him from his chair, in the opposite corner of the room.

“I didn’t cheat on you Zayn! I would never do!” I cry, wetting all my face and my clothes.

“You did! You’re a cheater!” he starts screaming, laughing, with a cruel smirk on his face.

“NO!” I cry, trying to stop him as he gets up and walks away, not even running, not even a little displeased or sad, he just walks away, glancing at me with a face of disgust.

“Zayn, I didn’t cheat on you!” I cry, on my knees, stretching  my arms towards him. “Stay with me, Zayn! Please stay with me!”

“You’re not perfect to me, anymore!” he laughs finally slamming the door at my face.

I suddenly wake up, opening my eyes and seeing that outside is already really dark. The television in still on. I get up and head to the kitchen, to take something to eat.



Hi girls, I just wanted to thank every single one of you for reading my story and for your comments! This is the first time I write a fan fiction and your appreciation really means a lot :) the end is not far, hope you'll enjoy the next few chapters! :)

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