You had me at hello - a Zayn Malik fan fiction (not famous)

19 years old Irene has a normal boring life in Italy, until the day she leaves for the U.K. with her best friend Alice. There, she meets Zayn, the most beautiful boy she has ever seen.
Love, friendship, jealousy and drama mess up Irene's new life, giving her the chance to find what she has been looking for.


33. Away from here

Ryan Gosling hasn’t even finished the renovation of the house on the lake yet, but Liam and Louis are already snoring. The first one is crouched on some pillows, while Louis is on the sofa leaned against his girlfriend, with his head on her shoulder.

“There goes the these-days youth!” Alice whispers making me and Harry laugh. She gets up and tenderly wakes Louis up, suggesting him to go to bed with her. They wave at us before leaving the room.

I’m sitting next to Harry, but as the couch is left empty, I move away from him a little, in order to be more comfortable. He looks at me almost angry; then makes a sign with his finger, as to say “come back here!”. I laugh for how dumb he is and please him. When I’m next to him again, our legs pressed against each other, he puts his arm behind my back, and I automatically rest my head on his shoulder.

“Noah:  It's not about following your heart and it's not about keeping your promises. It's about security!

Allie: What's that supposed to mean?”

“Money! He’s got a lot of money!” Harry completes the sentence of the character, accurately quoting his words and impersonating his role. I burst out laughing, trying not to wake up Liam.

“You seriously know EVERY line of the movie, don’t you?” I ask, looking straight into Harry’s chuffed eyes. He nods in response and I giggle.

He’s hand slowly gets closer to my shoulder and caresses my skin, giving me shivers down the spine. Harry turns to look at me, and his face approaches mine. He gasps, biting his lips.

No, not this, again.


I must confess that my body really wants him right now, but my heart knows there’s no room for anyone else.

“Harry…” I try to stop him from looking at me that way, because it’s hard to keep the control on my emotions.

“I like you so much…” he blurts out, and his husky voice really gives me the creeps.

“Harry…” my voice becomes weaker as his mouth gets closer to mine; he brushes his lips against mine, without kissing them, but making my desire grow excessively. “Harry…we can’t…” I try to resist, but it’s getting harder and harder, as his hands are now both running on my skin, from my arms, to my hips, to my legs….

“Harry, please!” I mumble, gasping, almost breathless.

“Irene…listen.” Harry pulls back and gazes at me with his deep green eyes. “I know you’re in love with Zayn; I got it.” His hurt expression breaks my heart, but I can’t deny the truth. “But every time I spend some time with you I struggle not to kiss you and touch you all the time. And I know you feel this too…” he’s talking quietly in order not to wake Liam up and to be heard by anybody else than me. “I’m a big guy Irene, I know we will never be together. But I don’t want to stop what I’m feeling right now…”

I hold his beautiful, charming, piercing gaze and breath heavily, not knowing what to answer. I’m looking at him, and my body wants him, but my heart is telling me “Zayn”. I can’t fight this, and I don’t even wanna try. But truth is I desire Harry at least as much as he desires me. I can’t hide this. And at the end of the story, he’s right. We’re grown up people that feel attracted by each other. Nothing bad can happen, right?

I swallow hard while Harry’s gaze on my skin is becoming unbearable.

 I don’t say anything, but through my eyes, Harry understand that I’m giving up.

He smiles and slowly kisses me, as I hug him tight.

Kissing him and staying with him is beautiful, the sensation of our skins touching is incredible. But I’m feeling like I’m doing this with the wrong person. I feel a jerk for thinking this, but if I only had the chance to choose, I would never be here.

We keep kissing, silently. Liam is still asleep and unaware of what’s going on. He would definitely accuse me for what I’m doing. And he would be right.

Harry slowly pulls his face away from me and stares at me, caressing my cheek with one of his big and strong hands. I stare into his eyes and smile for how cute he can be.

“I can be an asshole sometimes…not Liam or Harry”

I kiss Harry again, passionately, trying to erase the thought of Zayn’s words by concentrating on Harry’s lips.

He breaks the kiss for the second time.

“Do…do you wanna go to my apartment?” his husky voice is almost trembling. I nod, without even reflecting. Harry grabs my hand, gets up and leads me outside. Poor Liam, he will not be happy when he wakes up alone.

We walk outside and take a cab towards Harry’s house. Everything feels so damn wrong. I look outside the window while the taxi drives along the dark roads. And for the thousandth time, I recall the memory of those lyrics.

My thoughts are interrupted by Harry’s hand taking mine; we stay silent, holding hands, sitting close on the seat of the cab, while my heart is in a completely different place, away from here.

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