Goodbye My Lover | Harry Styles

"Turn your words into wisdom"


5. Louis


My beloved young boy. I'm bawling my eyes out. I never thought I was going to lose you honey. You were the most precious thing that God has ever given me, and I will be forever grateful for getting to know you. Losing you is one of the hardest things that could possible happen to me, but I hope you're better where you are now. We had a special bond, you were my best friend. I love the other boys, but you were so special. I've never had a friend like you. I remember everything we've done together. Going out on clubs getting drunk, watching strip shows, playing poker, and just us laying all day in bed watching movies. I'll never forget any of our memories. When we first met, I didn't know that I was going to care this much about you, but here I am standing after your suicide writing this letter. I know you know how much I love you, but the thought of never being able to say it to your face again is hard. I know you're watching us, and I know that you'll be blessing our new band. Where going to call ourselves White Eskimos, in the honor of you my boy. Not seeing your curls or your smile anymore is so hard. I don't know what I'm supposed to do anymore. Im turning 22 soon and you didn't even get to turn 20. This is so horrible, it should've been me who took my own life. You didn't deserve to leave the earth so soon Harry. I know you're an angel now, but I still miss you like fucking hell. I'll never forget you. You'll forever be in my heart dear. I love you so much my little boy. 

Hugs and kisses, your boobear. 

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