Goodbye My Lover | Harry Styles

"Turn your words into wisdom"


3. Liam

Hey Haz

I figured out I had to write this letter, if I didn't want to feel empty for the rest of my life. I didn't expect you to be gone, just like that. You were my little brother. You ARE my little brother, and you always will be. I really don't know what to say. I think you're aware of how much you meant to me, and how much you will always mean to me. I still remember the time I broke up with Danielle, and you told me that you would be my girlfriend. I still remember you dressing up like a girl and straightening your hair just to convince me. I'll never forget how love able you were, and how much you did for me. You could always cheer me up. You are one out of 4 persons who can do that. I never believed that I would meet someone like you. I was always bullied. I didn't believe that I actually could get a friend. I couldn't even get people to come to my 16th birthday party. You were such an incredible human, and to know that you are no longer with us is hurtful. Just the thought of your heart stop beating scares me to death, but unfortunately it has stopped now. I saw you hanging there, all cold and white with blue lips. Im telling you Harry, that was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life, and I've been through a lot. To know that my brother is now gone is horrible. I didn't realize that you could be gone someday, Harry. I just thought that you would be here forever, even though I knew that it wasn't true. So, as you told us to we are going to continue as a band, but we aren't One Direction anymore. We even wrote a song in your memory, and I hope the angels will sing it to you in heaven. You deserve to be in heaven, you were one of the purest human beings I have ever met. We've all been depressed for a while now, and I know all of our girls have been too. They're throwing memorials for you, and I hope they are aware that it wasn't their fault. Honestly, I've been crying myself to dead, and I still am. The loss of a brother is one of the hardest things you can ever go through, and why you Harry? Why not another miserable sad boy in the world, why you? I can't believe this has happened.. Sorry Harry, I have to end this letter now, I can't do this right now. I love you, and I always will.

Hugs and kisses, Liam <3 

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