The Magical World Of Fable 3

I know the competition 'Level Up: Gaming Stories' is already over and there's no chance of me winning now but.... I couldn't care less!!!! I'm still doing it for fun... Because I am down right bored and absolutely obsessed with Fable 3 right now. Who wouldn't enjoy being a ruler of their own kingdom and getting obscenities from china gnomes with attitude. After shooting many of the little blighter's, I seriously am obsessed with the game! It's amazing! So I am going to write like I'm the character. Based on all I have done, and my choices throughout the game, to a complete and happy ending... :) Xx

There will be plenty of action, a lot of adventuring, hard choices as a ruler of your own kingdom. Choices you regret, but have to make for the sake of your kingdoms future. Wish Jessica luck... The defender of the magical realm of Fable 3.

I hope you enjoy the game... I mean story :) Please let me know what you think of it. xxxx


2. Never Wake A Sleeping Princess

It all began on a lovely summers day. I was led in bed quick happily with my faithful border collie Jake at my side. Jasper my Butler came in to wake me up as he always does. As he pulled open the curtains, blinding light streamed in hurting my eyes, as I groaned and hid under my covers telling him to go away. Jasper went on about being ladylike and droning on about my behaviour. He pulled the cover off of me and said "besides you have to get up. Your boyfriend is waiting for you in the royal gardens". I decided to get up. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to know why he was here today. My boyfriend isn't due till next week. He had to have come all that far with a serious reason for doing so. I tapped my dog on the side and said "come on boy. If I can't lie around all day, neither can you". Jake looked up at me with his soppy brown eyes, making playful whimpering noises.

I got out of bed, Jake following at my heels as faithful companions always do. Jasper began to re-make my bed as I stood like a zombie in the middle of my huge bedroom. My hands hung at my sides as I yawned. I was still very tired. I went over to my dresser. I began to brush my long blonde hair till it was nice and soft. I then picked up the hand mirror on the side and had a look at myself. Hair was all good, but I still looked like I'd just woken up. I quickly splashed on a little make-up here and there to hide the fact that I looked like the walking dead. Jasper walked over to two mannequins either side of my roaring fireplace, full of viscous flames. Today I had the choice of horrible brown clothes that look like a male hunter would wear. This he called casual. Well I shall remember to avoid anything casual from now on if that's his choice of clothes. I went over to the other mannequin. On this one was a very large bottomed dress. It was blue, not really my colour. But it was either that or casual. This one was what he cast as being formal. I do admit with a little colour change it would be gorgeous. The only thing I wish I could have rejected was the hat that came with it. But Jasper insisted I wore it. Angry but curious, I headed out of my bedroom door, Jake following me excitedly all the way.


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