The Magical World Of Fable 3

I know the competition 'Level Up: Gaming Stories' is already over and there's no chance of me winning now but.... I couldn't care less!!!! I'm still doing it for fun... Because I am down right bored and absolutely obsessed with Fable 3 right now. Who wouldn't enjoy being a ruler of their own kingdom and getting obscenities from china gnomes with attitude. After shooting many of the little blighter's, I seriously am obsessed with the game! It's amazing! So I am going to write like I'm the character. Based on all I have done, and my choices throughout the game, to a complete and happy ending... :) Xx

There will be plenty of action, a lot of adventuring, hard choices as a ruler of your own kingdom. Choices you regret, but have to make for the sake of your kingdoms future. Wish Jessica luck... The defender of the magical realm of Fable 3.

I hope you enjoy the game... I mean story :) Please let me know what you think of it. xxxx


1. Hi


The names Jessica

When I first started my journey to rule my kingdom, I was nothing but a Princess, under the control of my evil brother Logan. The kingdom was in great suffering due to my brothers cruel actions towards our people. I never knew how seriously damaged the kingdom was till a few days ago. On that day I felt great sorrow and an even greater hate for my own flesh and blood. Something had to be done about my brother, and it all begins here....

Keep an eye out.... more to the story coming soon, pictures ilustrated all the way through. Put it in your favourites so you can keep an eye on it's progress... it would mean a lot to me. xx I will be updating this very often, so always look forward to new chapters to engross yourselves in. :) xx Hope you enjoy as the stry enfolds... please give me feedback as soon as the story grows a few chapters xx thanks xx

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