me and the guys

me and my bff (sarah) meet the band of our dreams read the book to see what happens!!! Plz comment i need to know if i need to fix anything or what so plz comment and tell me if its goo or bad


3. The sleepover

Lynsy's pov:

When me and sarah arrived at my house we went to my room we got on our phones and wen i looked at sarahs phone she was txtin the new guy from school Louis. I said "you like him and you know it" she said "so you like the other new kid zayn you can tell you were blushing when you talked to him" after a few minutes of talking mom said " girls i hve to go on a business trip i will be back in about ten days but if you need anything just go to sarahs mom" we both said "ok" about a hour later there was a knocking on the door i dont know who it was i got up and went to the door and slowly opened it it was zayn Louis Niall Harry and Liam. But how did they know where I lived. Sarah came over towards the door i said "come on in" and they walked in and sat on the couch i looked at sarah and whispered to her i said "why would you tell them where I live and invite them over??" She said " i got bored and we can get our boyfriends now" i sighed and sat next to zayn and sarah she sat by Louis Niall wanted to watch a scary movie so he went to go find a scary movie for us to watch. He picked out the ring. So he put it in and he pressed play half way threw the movie the scary part came and when it did i jumped into zayns arms and he put his arms around me i buried my head into his chest and sarah did the exact same as i did. Then we all fell asleep on the couch well some of us anyway. Louis and sarah were on the floor in front of the couch and Niall was Layin on the kitchen table huggin potatoes. Harry wuz sleepin in front of the tv Liam was sleepin on the recliner. And me and zayn were snuggled up on the couch.                                     

                                                         zayns pov:

i woke up everyone was still asleep i found me and lynsy snuggled up on the couch. her head wuz buried in my chest. she looked so beautiful when she was sleeping she looked like an angel.  i saw louis sit up and sarah was still sleepin her head was in his lap. he said "did we sleep here?" i said "yea i think" we looked over at the other boys they were still sleepin after a few minutes of silence me and louis herd crunching noises it was comin from the kitchen so we gently picked the girls heads up and laid them down then we got up and slowly and quietly walked into the kitchen we turned the lights on and saw niall on the table eating all kinds of potatoes. niall said "goodmorning mates" i said "niall wat the hell do you think your doin" niall said "im eatin" thts when i just gave up louis said "lets wake up the girls i wanna ask sarah out shes amazing shes so beautiful i hair is like choclate her eyes are like the niallriver and shes just so perfect for me. i said "umm ok surecuz i wanna ask lynsy out her blonde hair is so perfect its so beautiful her eyes are like the ocean they have the perfect sparle in her eyes and shes just amazing. so we walked over there towards them and louis woke sarah up first he said "sarah will you go out with me" sarah said "yes yes yes" they both hugged. then ithought to myself for a second i coud ask sarah if lynsy likes me cuz sarah would know i mean there best friends they do everything together. so i asked sarah if lynsy liked me she said "of course she does she cant stop talking about you" i felt so glad cause i felt the same way so i decided to wake up lynsy when she woke up she looked at me with a smile on her face and i smiled back i said "lynsy will you go out with me" she said "yes yes yes" and jumped in my arms. shes actualy pretty light. then louis mum called and we had to go home. so we woke the others up and headed out except niall just had to bring potatoes with him. we said goodbye to the girls and kissed them on their cheeks. and we left.

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