me and the guys

me and my bff (sarah) meet the band of our dreams read the book to see what happens!!! Plz comment i need to know if i need to fix anything or what so plz comment and tell me if its goo or bad


2. at school

 when we arrived at school we got out of the car and headed toward the school we walked in and saw two guys starin and whistling at us and sarah just said shut up to them then they just walked off we walked down the hall and stopped at our lockers. our lockers were right beside each others. when we got our books out we headed toward our first period class i had english and she had math. after a few classes it was our last period we both had computer. we walked in and sat beside each other. after a few minutes of typing five guys walked in and went to the teacher. the teacher stood up in front of the class and said "class these are our new students they will be in this class today. she told them to introduce themselves so one guy said his name was niall the next one said his name was zayn then the next one said his name was harry and another one said his name was louis and the last one said his name was liam. the teacher told them to go find a seat. louis sat beside sarah zayn sat beside me niall sat on the other side of zayn harry sat on the other side of louis harry sat in the veryback beside two other guys and liam sat beside harry.

                                                              zayn's pov:

i sat beside this girl she was so beautiful. she looked at me and she had a sparkle in her eyes they were as blue as the ocean. i asked her what her name was and she said "lynsy" i said "that's a cool name" she said "thanks" i said "your welcome" then she just went back to typing. and i got on the computer and logged on. when the bell rang it was time to go home so i got my backpack and headed out the door i looked around the room for lynsy but she wasn't there she must've already left so i left and tried to see if i could see her in the hall. i saw her at her locker beside this girl i guess it's her friend and for some reason i saw louis over there talkin to them and they were laughing as if he said a joke or somethin. i walked over there and asked lynsy if she needed a ride home or somethin she said " i have a car but thanks for asking" i said "your welcome". then all four of us headed toward the parking lot. the other boys already left and we got in our cars and drove off.

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