me and the guys

me and my bff (sarah) meet the band of our dreams read the book to see what happens!!! Plz comment i need to know if i need to fix anything or what so plz comment and tell me if its goo or bad


1. goin to school

lynsy's pov:

"Lynsy wake up sweetie your gunna be late for school" said my mom. i turned over and stared at her and said "do i have to go" she said "yes" so i took the covers off of me and sat up for a minute. then i got out of bed and went to go take a shower after about ten minutes i got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me then i headed back to my room. when i got to my room i looked in my closet for a shirt i found the perfect shirt to go with my new skinny jeans it was a turquoise blouse with white polka dots on it.  it was so cute!! then i straightened my hair it was naturally blonde. i put my makeup on and got my backpack and headed down stairs to the kitchen then i sat at the table there were pancakes and waffles made i got one of each and put syrup on it when i finished eating i went to the living room to get my phone. then i said "bye mom" then my mom said "bye sweetie" i headed out the door and saw my best friend sarah waiting in the car she lives across the street from me so i got in the car and we drove to school.

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