This story starts in 2032 the dawn of the infectious disease that enters through the brain a severe case of cannobolism .If you obtain this disease you become a braindead dependent monster.You have no soul,you have no life.This is only part 1 there will be 5 parts to this story which concepts of 3 chapters.


3. Supplies

I then see a gun shop and point. Eli then says,"Oh lets go check this out." We walk into the gun shop and find very little supplies. We find a rifle, two pistols. a few knives, and a bow and arrow. I then take the bow and put it around my torso, i then take the arrows,about sixteen, and put then on my belt. We then walk out and we see about ten braindeads staring right at us.I then slide out my machete, and Penny takes out her tomahawk and Mark bring his revolver out. I then run out and decapitate one,then another,two down. Penny then throws her tomahawk and then reaches the scalp of a zombie, she then runs and takes it out,kicks the zombie down and stabs it into the next zombie to her. Eli then shoots his revolver in the heads of three braindeads, seven down. I Then see the last three ,running now, up to me I then take my machete and go across them three and it cuts them all in half. the bottom half of them all fall down and the top half keeps coming, they then grown and crackle their teeth. I then stomp on all of their heads and brains splatter everywhere on my jeans. I then say ,"Ew!" i then see Penny and Eli start running and I run after them. We enter a grocery store and I get as much supplies as i can and i put intto a grocery cart and we then rush out the store. We all then run as fast as we can back to camp. we then are approached by Jessi crying. Eli says,"Whats wrong?" He mutters out,"M got-t attacked-d by the ba-braindead." He then starts bawling. I then say,"Did she die?".Jessi says,"Of course she did!" I then think for a minute and say,"We have to go back for her!"

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