This story starts in 2032 the dawn of the infectious disease that enters through the brain a severe case of cannobolism .If you obtain this disease you become a braindead dependent monster.You have no soul,you have no life.This is only part 1 there will be 5 parts to this story which concepts of 3 chapters.


12. Staring death right in the face

Nine months have past and I think the age of death is over. I feel as if there was a cure or shortage of living people. Either way we are still safe we havent lost anybody. Jane and I have gotten closer and closer everyday. Jeff and penny have as well. I feel as if M is getting quite excited that the world may be getting back in order,rebuilt. Our only problem is we need contact with other people. Our cabin is getting worn down, None of us have the guts to go out and get any wood either, because that would require walking 3 or 4 miles. I think today is the day that i will marry Jane.

I go up to Jane, on one knee, and ask her for her hand in marriage. She replies with a excited"Yes". I then pick her up and spin her around, All the others then start cheering. I then hear a slaming noise against the wall. I walk up to see what it was, and through the window was,1000's of braindeads. I feel as if the whole state was infected and we were the only ones left. I yell to everyone,"Go out the back!" I then grab a broom and cram it in the door. I then run after the group.

We were running as fast as we can, all of the braindeads were as well. I then guide everyone into the car and it takes a few times but the car starts up. I then drive as fast the car will go,but the braindeads were still chasing us. All of the sudden, the car stopped. The braindeads then jump on the car and i shout out,"Everyone!Stay put!" I then shoot off two bullets and all of the zombies start chasing me. I then look back all the walkers were running at me. I then run into the woods and find the biggest tree. I scale up it to the top. I look down and i see all of the thousands of braindeads surrounding me. I take my revolver, stick it in my mouth, I shout out to the sky,

"Im sorry!"

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