This story starts in 2032 the dawn of the infectious disease that enters through the brain a severe case of cannobolism .If you obtain this disease you become a braindead dependent monster.You have no soul,you have no life.This is only part 1 there will be 5 parts to this story which concepts of 3 chapters.


11. Ready or not?

I look out the window of the cabin. Such a beautiful view. I then go back out to the car to unload things. I then go back in and put all my weaponry on, my revolver, my bow and arrow,my machete. I then go to the back of the cabin only to find a sniper rifle on the wall i take it off and go to Jeff."Your gonna learn to shoot today." He replies,"Uh,Ok" I then take him out down half way down the mountain. I say "Look at the brain dead down there" He then says,"What about them." "Shoot them". He then takes it out and gets two headshots,dead on. I then say,"You are quite the sharpshooter." We then go up back to the cabin. I then go over to M. "M here" I say handing her a crowbar. She then smiles back at me. I then go to Jane and I kiss her softly on the lips. She blushes and smiles. I then tell everyone im going out to get more food. Jane says,"Let me go" I wanted to say no because it was dangerous,but i let her anyways. We then get to town and she is on her gaurd, I say to her,"Ease up." She then loosens up and i take the lead with my machete out. We make our way into the store and we get as much as we can and run out killing the minimum zombies we have to. We make our way home and she is really tired. i go and lay behind her and wrap my arm around her.

Falling into a deep slumber

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