This story starts in 2032 the dawn of the infectious disease that enters through the brain a severe case of cannobolism .If you obtain this disease you become a braindead dependent monster.You have no soul,you have no life.This is only part 1 there will be 5 parts to this story which concepts of 3 chapters.


7. Cold winds blow

I wake up from my tent and get up and unzip the tent.Everyone else is asleep except for Me and someone else, Jane. I say,"Hey" She then responds with a smile. I then smile and I say,"You wanna take a walk?" She nods and were off. We come back an hour later and notice everyone.I awkwardly say ,"hey" everyone just laughs and we sit down on a log. Leo then says,"Mark i need you to go to town with me" I then nod and go with him. As we get to town he pulls out a baseball bat and i pull out my machete. Leo then says,"We have another man with us about your age, ive brought you out here with me so we can search for him." I then say,"ok". We then split up and i end up finding the man with a broken leg and i help him up. I then say to him,"whats your name?" He manages to put out "Jeff" I then lead him to Leo and Leo says,"Thank you mark".He then pulls out a snub nosed revolver and shoots me in the leg..

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