This story starts in 2032 the dawn of the infectious disease that enters through the brain a severe case of cannobolism .If you obtain this disease you become a braindead dependent monster.You have no soul,you have no life.This is only part 1 there will be 5 parts to this story which concepts of 3 chapters.


2. Brothers Mean nothing

I then notice everyone else in the room two girls and one more guy. I ask out, "Who are all of you?" The girl with the blonde hair stand up says," My name is Penny, I am the one that saved your life." "Saved my life?" i ask. Penny say,"A horde of the braindead went after you." I say "Thank You." The next girl stands up. This girl has dark brown hair, covered in blood down her arms. She says," my name is Marsha but you can call me 'M'. I go to the next guy, a guy close to my age of 19. He stand up and says,"I am Jessi, I am pretty much your only hope of living." I then say, "My name is Mark." I then get up and go to Eli and ask,"Is there anyway to cure this?" He replies, "We have no results at all." He then passes me a machete. "You are gonna want to slice at the neck cutting their heads off is the best way." He says with a smirk. I then say, "So we have to kill these things?" Eli replies,"Its the only way they are not human they are the dead they are savages they are killers!" I reply and "What if they touch you or scratch you or bite you" "Lets just say you wont be 'thinking straight' anymore!" He then yells for everyone to come to us. Eli says,"Alright everyone, we need to go get supplies, Mark and Penny and I will go together, Jessi you and N go together. Head out!" Penny and I and Eli head out, Eli taking the lead. I then look ahead and see a couple braindead. Penny then sees them and takes out a tomahawk and run after them. She stabs one in the head, pulls out and decapitates the other. You can hear the slam of the head hit the ground. Penny then steps back. She says,"And thats how its done," Eli Then pulls out a revolver and motions us to follow him. I then reach for my machete and slide it out. The shink of the machete sliding out sounds so good. I then see three more of the deadheads. Eli brings out his revolver goes up and shoots one in the head,splattering the blood on the ground. He turns around and kicks the one of the others down and shoots in the head, getting blood in his beard. He then turns around, and the remaining braindead latches him on the ground and Eli Screams," HELP!" I run up for my first kill and I Decapitate the zombie with the head hitting Eli In the face.The body then falls to the right. Eli then says,"Thank you," I then get pasty in the face and a bit lightheaded from the blood and say,"Your welcome." I then hold my stomach and keep walking.

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