Live in the Moment

When you're dad leaves you with your god awful stepmother you can't help but think you're live sucks. I felt that feeling so many times. What is worst than that is that you have two 17 year old step sisters that always try to get you in trouble. Then something awesome happens for once in your pathetic live you finally get invite to a masquerade party thats hosted by none other than Luke Charming. Hi my name is Cindy and welcome to my nightmare of a live


1. Where it all began

Once upon a time there was a girl who was as happy as can be. She had a dad, a mom. But one terrible day there was a tragic accident and the poor girl's mom passed away. She was devastated. A few years later the girls father remarried to another woman and she had two daughters. After that the girls father went on business trips all the time and eventually was never home. The girls stepmother became meaner and meaner everyday her daddy was gone. The stepmother would make her do all the cleaning and never gave the girl nice clothes. She made the girl eat left overs while her stepsisters get all the food they want. The stepsisters got meaner and fattier as the days went on. Couple years have passed and her father still hasn't showed up and this girl has lost hope. I should know. That girl is me. My name is Cindy. It's true my dad hasn't showed up in awhile. Does this all sound familiar? Ah, anyway here's the story of my miserable life. I hope you enjoy.

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