Just another fanfic about Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime. The twins and their friends are sent to earth to complete tasks and receive badges using their magical items. They face new challenges, love, rivals, and meet new friends.
Coupling: SxF BxR
(It's also about the love triangle and a bit of the square too: SxFxR and SxFxRxB)
For ages 11+ (Includes some coarse language, and may contain scenes that children under the age of 11 will find disturbing)


10. The Ball

A/N: HEYYYYY GUYSSSS! I was too excited to publish this tomorrow sooo here it is! Btw if any of you read my other fanfic Chasing Melodies, then the next chapter will be posted on wednesday next week because I need more time to finish it. BTW In my fanfics when a person introduces themselves Their last name will be said first to keep it traditional and more authentic.


~Fine's POV~

I yawned and stretched out my arms. I lazily got out of bed and did my hair and got dressed. When I opened the door I found a mad looking Rein clothes holding a mask in her hand. "Why are you dressed like that?" I asked in shock, "That's what I was gonna ask YOU, the ball is today! GO CHANGE IMMEDIATELY!" She yelled very loudly. "Hai, gomenaisai.." I apologized while bowing my head and shuffled back into my room.

When I came out I was wearing a dress with bows decorating the hem, it was sleeveless with a pink satin bow on the back, the rest of it was white of course. My sister wore a similar dress but it had straps and blue roses on the hem. Rein ended up forcing me to curl the ends of my hair. She also made me wear a rose clip to hold some of my hair back. I looked so different! "Sugoi! Rein when did you learn to do this?!" I exclaimed while admiring myself in the mirror. She smiled proudly, "I had Camelot teach me."

With that we walked off to the ball. We entered the ball room wearing our masks. Many people chatted and danced with others while also wearing masks. Rein and I stepped into the room while this random guy announces our arrival, "Fine from class 8-B and Rein from class 8-A have arrived." Everyone stopped and stared, we both blushed from the attention, and thankfully they all went back to what they were doing. We stood there unmoving, when a boy approaches us.

"Would you like to dance?" he held out his hand for me. I hesitated and glanced at Rein. She nodded vigorously, ushering me to go. I took his hand, and he led me to the center of the room. He held one of my hands and the other held my waist.

"Are you having a nice time at this school?" he asked smiling down on me. He had dirty blonde hair and a grey mask covering the upper part of his face.

I nodded slightly, "Yeah its pretty fun here I guess.." the music slowed down a bit as he spun me around.

"Oh and by the way my name is Minami Hitoshi." I nodded and said my name as well. He smiled when the song ended, then he dipped me and looked into my eyes which felt like forever. He leans in to whisper into my ear, "Your very beautiful. Your boyfriend better watch out." I was bewildered, what was he talking about. Then before I knew it he stole a kiss from me. I tried to pull away but his grip on me tightened. WHAT THE FUDGE IS GOING ON!

I gasped for air when he finally pulled away from me. "W-why did you do that?!" I asked stepping away from him, while using my hand to cover my mouth.

"What the..." I turned to see Shade standing there in shock.

"Why the heck did you do that?!"

"My apologies I just couldn't help myself." he bows while hiding his grin. He looks up and catches my eye as Shade glares at him. It looked like his eye sparkled just before he turned to leave.

~Rein's POV~

I leaned my back against the wall and watched as everyone else danced. Where's a dance partner when you need him?

"Rein!" I looked up to see Bright waving at me from a distance.

We smiled at each other as he made his way towards me. He was just a meter away, when a girl approaches him and clings onto his arm. Who the heck is she?! My face heated up and steam poured out of my ears. She pulled his arm in the opposite direction and out her arms around his neck to dance. When the song finished they finally pulled apart. Bright then walked towards me once again. While his back was turned the girl he danced with smirked at me then disappeared into the crowd.

"May I have this dance?" Bright bowed and held out his hand for me, I nodded and took it. We danced to "Listen to Your Heart" by BoA. Our movements were swift and graceful, I'm so much better near to him, lol yeah the song is perfect right now. We took a break, "Would you like to go out for some fresh air?" he asked motioning to the french doors that led to the balcony. "Yeah sure." I smiled.

"Kirei!* It's sparkling!" I exclaimed while admiring the lights of the distant city.

"Yeah it sure is." Bright leaned against the railing while smiling at me, "But it does not compare to you," he complimented as he kissed my hand.

I felt the heat rising to my cheeks, "U-um I'm gonna get us some drinks okay?" I smiled nervously as I slowly walked back into the ball room.

~Bright's POV~

"U-um I'm gonna go get us some drinks be right back," Rein said nervously making her way back into the ballroom. I nodded and she left.

I sighed and leaned my back against the railing, the stars in the night sky twinkled like tiny jewels brightening up the sky. A shooting star passed, and I made a secret wish.

"I know who I care about the most. It's definitely Rein." I smiled to myself, just saying her name and thinking about her makes me get butterflies. I used to think that just watching Fine from the sidelines was okay, but now I can see that the right person has been in front of me for so long. It took me awhile to realize it

"When she comes back I'm gonna tell her. Definitely." I sensed someone behind the french doors, it interrupted my thoughts, "Who's there?" I asked putting my guard up.

To my surprise the girl I danced with earlier stepped through the doors, a small smile plastered on her pretty face. She had wavy strawberry blonde hair, baby blue eyes, fair skin and she was about 152 cm tall. She had a petite figure like a model, and the sliver strapless dress she wore complimented her figure very well. "Hey Smiley" she greeted me.

"Hi! Sara was it?" I asked not really remembering her name, she nodded in response. "So what business do you have with me?"

"Oh nothing important, I just wanted to see you again and talk." she flirtatiously twirled a piece of her hair, I don't know why but that made me feel an attraction towards her, "Why are you out here by yourself?"

"Oh I'm waiting for my friend, she went to go get some drinks." I replied while glancing at the doors behind her. She then clung to my arm, "What's her name?"

"U-um it's Rein... Why do you need to know?" I furrowed my eyebrows in curiosity.

She winked, "I just needed to know the name of my future rival," she leaned closer to my ear, "She better keep an eye on you, or I might take you away." My eyes widened, she let go of my arm and walked back into the ball room. A few seconds later Rein comes through the doors holding two styrofoam cups filled with red punch. She wasn't making eye contact with me, I don't how to explain it... It was like she was looking at me but I knew she wasn't, something was definitely wrong.

"Here you go." she handed me the cup, and took a sip of hers.

~Rein's POV~

Be cool, don't give yourself away. He'll hate you if he finds out that I eavesdropped on him and that blonde chick. Just smile and go inside.


I froze, the girl clung to his arm, her face facing his. Bright's face was facing down so His bangs covered his eyes. That position makes them look like... It almost makes them look like they... were... making out. I felt my heart twist in my chest, I felt the tears coming. I bit my lip and looked up at the ceiling so the tears wouldn't fall. Wow, I have really bad timing. Every time I come is when something bad happens, something that I'm not supposed to see. What an idiot I am. I heard the knob of the french door turning, I quickly hid against the wall, hoping she wouldn't notice me there.

Blondie (thats my nickname for her now) passed by me with a satisfied look on her face. Now that she was gone, I decided to go in and act like nothing happened. I took a step and hesitated, then went in.

-End Flashback-

A/N: OMG I CAN ALREADY TELL SARA IS A BITCH! Excuse me, I got carried away for a second. Rein really does have bad timing, she misunderstands a lot of stuff. Hope fully it will all go well.


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