Just another fanfic about Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime. The twins and their friends are sent to earth to complete tasks and receive badges using their magical items. They face new challenges, love, rivals, and meet new friends.
Coupling: SxF BxR
(It's also about the love triangle and a bit of the square too: SxFxR and SxFxRxB)
For ages 11+ (Includes some coarse language, and may contain scenes that children under the age of 11 will find disturbing)


15. Lost Kittens

~Bright's POV~

"It's better if you just give up on her," Sara said as she helped me sit down on the bench in the courtyard.

I clenched my fist around something. "How can I do that?" I cried while not looking her in the eyes.

"I just realized my feelings for her recently. Now your telling me I should just give up on her? After everything that's happened?" I looked at her with the saddest eyes, I was holding back tears.

She places a hand on my fist. "Bright," she takes a breath, "If she keeps believing lies and not the truth that comes from you, don't you think that shows she doesn't trust you?"

I thought for a moment, "Yeah, but I know she loves me too. I know she does!"

Sara pats my fist and sighs, "Honestly, I think she was just infatuated with you, her love for you was just admiration. She didn't love you like someone she could spend her life time with... Oh wait, she probably did, but not the way your feeling for her."

"You're saying that she never loved me?" I whispered.

"Yeah... basically," she looked away, "but like if you don't want to give up on her right now, you can just give it some time-"

A tear falls from my eye, and Sara shuts up. "I'll forget her," Sara eyes widened, obviously not expecting that kind of answer.

A little voice inside me argued. "What are you doing Bright? How can you let yourself do this?!"

Another stronger voice argued back, "It's better this way, if she doesn't love me then I'd rather die. But I can't do that so I'll just forget all my feelings for her."

"No! You can't! Don't give up!" the small voice shouted inside me.

I calmed down and the colour in my eyes dimmed. "I already did..."

The small voice and hurt disappeared from my heart.

~Fine's POV~

I forcefully pulled my brush through my thick red hair. "ITAIIIIIII!" I yelled as I pulled a section on hair a little too hard.

"WHAT HAPPENED FINE?! DID YOU HURT YOURSELF?" Rein shouted as she ran across the hall half-dressed. Her shirt is halfway on just below her chest, one sock was pulled up and the other isn't, her hair is still a bit messy but neater than my own.

She sees me trying to pull the brush through my hair with tears in my eyes, "Honestly... Fine you should put water or detangler on the brush then pull it through your hair like this," she took my brush and sprayed some detangler on it then proceeded to brush my hair. It went through my hair smoothly.

I gaped, "Thank you!" I exclaimed while giving her a look of gratefulness.

"No problem. But you owe me something," she grinned at me through the mirror.

I raised an eyebrow in suspicion as I looked at her reflection in the mirror, "What kind of favour?"

"Let me do your hair today!" she squealed.

I sweat-dropped, "Aren't you already doing my hair Rein?"

She paused, "Oh yeah..."

I shook my head and laughed as she brush my hair continuously. She turned my chair facing away from the mirror and took a small comb and brushed my bangs. The comb teeth tickled my forehead.

"Do you always brush your bangs everyday?" I asked Rein as she worked the comb through my hair.

"Yeah, it doesn't look that good if its messy," she explained, "I usually part my bangs to keep it out of my eyes."

I nodded, "Hey! Don't move your head, it will ruin all my hard work," she exclaimed while frowning.

I pouted, "Sorry.."

Rein brushes my half of my hair and ties it up with some ribbon, then does the same with the other. When she's done she sprays some hairspray to finish the job. She turns the chair to face the mirror once again, and smiled pleased with the result.

My hair was tied higher than usual, my hair was shiny and silky smooth, with curls at the ends. My bangs were neater and a bit more spread out and swept on one side. "I look so..." I trailed off, trying to find the right word to express myself.

"..mature?" she suggested.

I nodded, "Yeah. Oh my gosh. I love it! Thanks Rein!" I smiled and hugged her.

She patted my back and smiled.

~Shade's POV~

I stroked Takara-chan's fur while I sat on the couch while I thought about stuff.

The bathroom door opened, Bright was shirtless, his flawless skin was covered in left over water from the shower, and he wore jeans. "The bathroom's open," he grunts while using a towel to dry his hair.

"Nice muscles," I grinned, as I set Takara-chan down.

He looks at me and then down at his toned chest, "Thanks. I try my best."

"But don't you work out too," he asked me as I pulled off my grey shirt and threw it on the floor.

"Yeah guess so," I smirk and he laughed as I closed the bathroom door behind me.

When I got out of the shower someone knocked on the door. "Bright! Get the door!" I shouted as I dried my chest and arms with a towel.

"Sorry Shade! I'm making breakfast at the moment," he answered back.

I frowned and unwillingly opened the door. "What do you want?" my heart stops as I open the door and see Fine and Rein behind it, Rein has her arms crossed and a frown on her face, while Fine smiles up at me.

"We're coming in!" she says and grabs her sister's hand and pull her inside while walking right past me.

"Hey-" I protested but was caught off because she wasn't listening.

"Wow! Mmm that smells good!" she sniffed and walked into the kitchen.

"Oh Bright! Your cooking something really delicious!" she exclaimed from inside the kitchen.

Rein and I rolled our eyes, she was practically drooling right now. "Want some?" he asked.

"Sure- OH MY GERD! That's so good!" she shouted in pleasure.

I tuned out her screams and turned to Rein who sat uncomfortably in the love seat. "So why are you guys here?"

She folds her hands together and her thumbs start moving in discomfort. "Sensei asked us to tell you and.." she cringed as she mentioned, "Bright... that we were gonna be leaving soon."

I narrowed my eyes, something happened between her and Bright, "Okay. Why the sad look on your face?" I asked nonchalantly.

She looks at her hands, "Nothing. Just don't ask."

I shrugged as Bright and Fine emerged from the kitchen. "Breakfast is served," Bright smiled as he set the plate of bacon and eggs down on the dining table.

Rein got up to go take a seat beside Fine, I noticed that when she passed Bright that his eyes turned cold for a second. It must be my imagination.

We ate breakfast in an awkward atmosphere, only Fine and I talked the whole time. When Rein and Fine left ahead of us I glimpsed Rein and Bright let our sighs of relief just before the door closed.

"I'm gonna go first 'kay," I told him as I picked up my slightly heavy bag. As I walked down the hall of the building I felt something move inside my bag, that's weird..

~Author's POV~

"Minna-san! Today I have decided to trust all of you and let you guys walk through this place by yourselves with no supervision," sensei announced, as the classes cheered, "Now as you can see Ageha is handing out lists. I wanted to make this fun and educational," everyone groaned, she gave us a glare and we quieted down again, "We are gonna have a scavenger hunt, find each of these items then come back and tell us what you have learned."

"Yesssssssss," Tio slurred as he pumped his fists in the air and sank to his knees rockstar style, "Scavenger hunts rock!"

All of us sweat-dropped, "Please behave, don't break anything, and meet me here at 5, okay go. Time starts now."

Everyone dispersed and ran off to look for the first item. All that was left was the fushigiboshi group, Sara and Tadashi.

"Sophie let's go," Lione tugged on Sophie's arm.

"Altezza why don't you come too," she asked smiling brightly at the grumpy blonde princess.

"Why would I want to be in a group with you?" she said crossing her arms, "This scavenger hunt is a waste of time."

"Come on Altezza it will be fun," Auler said smiling.

"Yeah Altezza let's go!" Lione exclaimed, Sophie grabbed her arm just as Lione ran off dragging both of them behind her.

Auler and Tio waved everyone good luck and walked down the hall.

The rest of us looked at each other. Fine and Rein held hands, "Why don't we go boys against girls and see who gets stuff first?" Fine suggested.

Everyone shrugged, "Sure why not?"

"OKAY. Readysetgo!" she sped off with Rein, Sara sighed and ran after them.

"HEY THAT'S CHEATING!" Takashi said.

"Let's go before they beat us," Shade had a competitive look in his eyes.

They also ran off to start the hunt.

~Rein's POV~

"Hey guys! I found it!" I squealed pointing at a hat on top of a giant statue.

"How are we supposed to get up there?" Sara asked displeased.

"Um... I'll climb up there," I raised my hand uncertainly, "You guys go! We'll split up so we can find things faster."

The two shrugged, "Okay! See you guys later," Fine saluted and disappeared in a flash. Sara soon followed and I was left alone, to climb the gigantic statue.

"Okay. Prepare to be captured hat!" I declared, while cracking my knuckles.

I grabbed ahold of one of the wrinkles of the statue's uniform, and then another and pushed myself up and found more things to support my feet, and I repeated this step until I reached the top of its head.

"Who put's a hat on the head of a giant statue?!" I exclaimed in disbelief and displeasure.

Just when I reached for the hat, I heard someone call my name, "Rein you baka! What the heck are you doing up there?!" I looked down to see Shade yelling at me from the ground, Bright and Tadashi were also with him.

"That's dangerous Rein, get down from there! You might fall!" Tadashi shouted.

I shook my head, "No! I have to get this hat, just a bit more," I shouted in protest and turned back to the hat and reached for it with all my might. When suddenly, my sweaty hands give way, slip and I lose my grip.

"GAHHHHH!" I screamed as I fell from 10 feet.

My heart raced inside my chest, I closed my eyes and clenched my fists. Then BAM!

~Bright's POV~

"Rein-" I reached out to catch her but, I was too late. I heard something bang against the wall. Takashi held Rein securely in his arms. His back had hit the wall when he caught her.

Rein opened her eyes and looked up at him. "I'm glad your safe," he managed to say before he started to cough.

Small tears are in her eyes, and to our astonishment, she flicks his head. "What were you thinking?! Trying to save me like that!"

He gives her a faint smile, "Sorry, I couldn't help it."

"Rein! What were you thinking?!" Shade came running over, "Are you hurt anywhere?"

I stood and watched as they both fawned over her. Why did I call her name? These feelings should be locked away.

"What would I have told Fine if something happened to you?! She would have killed me!" Shade exclaimed.

"Sorry _" Rein apologized as she started to sob. Takashi yells at Shade, he scoffs, and they begin to argue.

Rein gets up and looks at me. I hesitate, "Are okay," I said with no feeling whatsoever, I looked at her with blank eyes.

She looks astonished, "I'm okay," she suddenly starts bawling, and she reaches for me, expecting me to snap out of it and hug her. But, I've changed.

I slapped her hand away, "Don't touch me with those hands," my bangs cast a shadow over my eyes as I looked away.

"Maybe we should take her back to school, to the infirmary," Takashi suggests, noticing the harsh atmosphere, "I can take her there."

"Yeah that would be a good idea," Shade agreed, "Bright you drive them there, since you have your license."

I nodded, Takashi put an arm behind Rein's back and then under her legs and lifted her up. He walks past me and glares at me.

~Shade's POV~

After those three left, I decided to continue the scavenger hunt by myself. "Okay... Might as well get that hat Rein was trying to get," I pulled out my whip and the cord was pretty long so it reached the hat and wrapped itself around it.

I yanked it back to me, "Okay next one!"

"Find an old 80's classic" is what it said. I got an idea and ran towards the audio visual rooms.

On my way there I read the signs on the many doors I passed, "Audio visual, audio visual.. hmm... no. Nope... Definitely NO. There it is!" I skidded to a halt in front of a tattered wooden door.

"Finally with this I will win- Fine?!" she was running too fast and couldn't stop in time, we looked at each other with wide eyes like saucers. She collided with me and her elbow hit me right in the groin, "Fine! You idiot..." I managed to say before I started gasping for air.

"Oh crap! Sorry sorry sorryyyyyyy! I didn't see you there until the last second," Fine apologized.

The oxygen was knocked out of me, I landed with a thud on the ground. I formed a ball on the ground, I started to roll all over the floor rocking back and forth. I groaned in pain, "Dammit... arghhhhh, I think it's throbbing," I groaned again, as she began to giggle.

"Pftt.. HAHAHAAHA YOUSAIDITWASTHROBBING AAHAHAAHAHAH," she cried clutching her stomach as she burst out in laughter.

"How can you stand there and laugh at my pain!? What the fudge is wrong with you?!" I yelled, then gingerly got up, "You have no heart whatsoever."

She stopped laughing and gave me Oh-no-you-didn't face, "I do have a heart! Unlike you!" Fine pointed at me accusingly.

"Is that so?" I scoffed and grabbed her wrist, and pushed her against the door, "Prove it."

"Well... I.." she stammered with red on her cheeks.

The door creaks open and she falls inside. We look at each other wide-eyed as the door creaks closed. We both lost it and began pounding on the door.

"Fine! Don't panic, I'll get help," I shouted.

"Too late," she started bawling from the other side of the door, she pounded on it, "Shade! Get me out! Please," she pleaded.

"Shut up and listen to me," I clench my fist, "Calm down. I'll get you out somehow."

"Promise me," she sniffled.

"Okay sure, I promise. Wait for me, I'll be back with help soon," I reassured her.

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