Just another fanfic about Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime. The twins and their friends are sent to earth to complete tasks and receive badges using their magical items. They face new challenges, love, rivals, and meet new friends.
Coupling: SxF BxR
(It's also about the love triangle and a bit of the square too: SxFxR and SxFxRxB)
For ages 11+ (Includes some coarse language, and may contain scenes that children under the age of 11 will find disturbing)


11. Getting Closer

A/N: Hey guys! Shout out to all Shine Fans! This chapter is basically all for your guys! This chapter Fine and Shade go on a "date"! Yay! Hope you like it!

P.S. There's a few special guests in this chapter ;) heh heh. Can you guess who they are from the clues?


~Shade's POV~

I lay on my bed on the wrong side, staring up at the ceiling. I CANNOT believe what I did last night. OMFG. HOW WHY? How did I end up getting a badge from that too?!

Okay I'll tell you guys what happened. Well after that letch attacked Fine I took her outside to talk.


"Where are you taking me?" I didn't respond, and just kept on dragging her to the bus stop. She shook her arm violently to try to make mine let go but I didn't, "LET GO!" she yelled.

I sighed, "Just shut up and follow me okay. We're going someplace better than this so-called party." I said through clenched teeth. Finally she shut up and relaxed a little.

~Fine's POV~

He led me through the city near our school. Many people gave us weird looks since we we're wearing masks and formal clothing. Finally we slowed down and sat on a park bench.

"Um Shade, your hand is still.." I pointed out that his hand was still grasping mine tightly.

"Oh yeah. Sorry..." he apologized abruptly pulling his hand away.

"So.. what do you wanna do?" I asked nervously, it made me fidgety being alone with him.

"I don't know. Want to walk around for awhile?" he suggested.

"Yeah that'd be great. But first things first, we have to ditch these itchy clothes!" I exclaimed.

"Totally. Now shall we go milady?" he stood up and held out his hand for me.

"Yes we shall. Damn I can't wait to take this off." We walked past a few stores until I spotted outfits that would suit me perfectly. I tried on a few things and finally settled for a white tank top with small pink bows on the straps and an off the shoulder crop top with pink and white stripes, and some jeans and black converse.

"What do you think?" I asked spinning around in a circle so Shade could take a look. He stroked his imaginary beard, pretending to ponder on the decision, "Hmm.. Alas, it suits you nicely miss!" I giggled at his goofy voice.

"YOUR TURN!" I yelled grabbing his arm and pushing him into the change room. He came out wear a cowboy hat, and overalls and a white t-shirt. He did a sarcastic TADA! I shook my head, and he sighed and walked back inside.

This time he came out wearing, big sunglasses, and a rock star outfit. He slightly lowered his shades (lol) and winked at me jokingly. I laughed and shook my head. He sauntered back into the change room.

He tried on a few more ridiculous outfits, until we found the perfect one. He came out wearing a white polo, and a black zipper hoodie, some jeans and some dark blue supras. He did a little turn to show me what it looked like from all angles, and I nodded giving him a thumbs up. This was fun! We paid for the clothes and stuffed our previous clothes in the bags they gave us.

We walked side by side each holding one bag. I looked around the city, earth is interesting, everything is so technological and busy around here.

"Oof!" I made a muffled sound when I bumped into someone, "Gomenazai!" I bowed my head to apologize.

"Stupid kids, they're so blind they don't watch where they're going!" the man grumbled and ignored my apology as he walked away.

"What an ass he just ignored your apology!" Shade protested.

"It's okay, daijoubu!" I smiled, when his back was turned, I sighed, this place is way more different when I thought.

We stopped at a café, I think it was something called a maid café, but I was too tired and hungry to really care enough to double-check. I collapsed in a seat and dropped my bag on the table.

"Shade~ can you order me a strawberry cake, blueberry tarts, raspberry cream puffs, and a pomegranate strawberry milkshake?" I asked getting up to go to the bathroom.

"Wow, that's a lot. Okay I'll order it for you then." He sighed and proceeded to look at the menu.

~Shade's POV~

"It's getting pretty late," I thought looking at my watch and glancing out the café display window. The sun was setting was setting already. I felt a new presence near and found myself face to face with one of the cutest girls I've ever seen!

"Konichiwa!Watashi wa Momomiya Ichigo-desu! May I take your order?" she smiled sweetly, and caused me to blush. She had short red hair, beaming brown eyes, cat ears and a tail. She had a red bow and bell on the end of her tail. She was also wearing a red maid costume, maybe it was like one of those special days where everyone in the shop dress up in a cat maid costume.

"Are you gonna order or not?" she asked again, noticing that I stared at her for awhile now, the bell on her red choker and on the end of her tail jingled with her every move.

"Yeah sure.." I told her my order and Fine's as I snuck a glance at the other employees, were all of them as cute as her? I spotted, a green maid, purple maid, blue maid, yellow and an orange one. All of them had a different animal theme with their hair matching they're outfits in various styles and they were all attractive. I checked the name of the café on my way in, Café Mew Mew, it was dress up as a cat day, but the ears and tails suit them perfectly for some reason.

"Thank you, your order will be delivered to your table shortly." She walked away.

~Someone's POV~

"That guy was hot don't you think, Zakuro-chan?" Mint nudged Zakuro as I walked into the kitchen.

"Yeah, he looks like the cool type." she shrugged.

"Your soooo lucky Ichigo-chan! I'm so jealous I wanna talk to him too!" Pudding squealed.

"I want to talk to him too.." Lettuce piped in shyly.

"Geez guys if you like him that much then just talk to him. He's not my type anyways. Besides I have Masaya-kun." I sighed and picked up two separate trays, and dropped off some orders, the four of them followed me as I approached "him".

I set down the food and proceeded to walk away, when he suddenly grasps my wrist. He opened his mouth to say something when, Mint, Pudding, Zakuro and Lettuce crowd him with questions, causing him to let go of my hand. More girls start to surround him as well, all of them asking questions.

"Hmph." I walked away to take more orders with Berry and Tasuku.

"Tasuku! Berry! Ichigo! Can you help me out for a sec?" Keiichiro called us over and handed us some boxes to move to the storage room.

~Fine's POV~

I walked out of the bathroom feeling refreshed.

"Yum, yum, yum! Yummy food. Yum, yum, yum getting some food~" I sang happily as I skipped to our table. "Shade-sama!Suteki!" I abruptly skidded to a halt, a crowd of girls surrounded Shade, they were all touchy and bombarding him with questions. A bit of jealousy pricked my heart.

"Excuse me! I have to get through, this is my table!" I yelled as I entered the crowd and crawled under their legs. Finally I saw light, I gasped for air when I finally plopped down into my seat.

"How do you deal with all these fans Shade?" I asked him relieved my food was there.

He sighed and rested his head on his hand with his elbow on the table. "I don't! I just don't really deal with them at all. Just ignore them." he sipped some of his coffee.

"Are you sure your allowed to drink that?" I asked him, "cause if you drink coffee then you won't grow anymore."

"Aren't I tall enough already? Now eat so we can go." he instructed.

"I'd be happy to! Itadakimasu!" I pop a tart into my mouth then gobbled down the milkshake. I cut a piece of cake and was about to place it into my mouth when we were both pulled from our seats. We found ourselves outside of the crowd of girls.

"Shade-sama? Shade-sama's girlfriend? Doko ni iru no?" they called out, a few whined.

It was the red maid and her friends! "Wow thanks! I was almost at my limit in there!" I exclaimed, "Sugoi you guys are all soooo KAWAII!" I squealed seeing their cute animal maid uniforms.

"Arigato ne~ we will take you to a more private place okay?" the blue one explained.

The green and orange ones grabbed my hands and led me through the kitchen, Shade followed while being guided by the blue and purple ones. They made us sit a table in the kitchen. They sat down around us.

"So where you guys from?" the blue one asked resting her chin on the back of her hands while her elbows sat on the table. Her eyes gazed dreamily at Shade as the orange and green did the same.

"Fushgibosh-" Shade clamped my mouth shut with his hand.

"Um.. Somewhere really far away. Right Fine?" he said through clenched teeth.

Oh! I played along, finally realizing that I wasn't supposed to say anything to them. "Yeah totally. It's really far from Tokyo." I agreed with a plastered smile on my face.

"What is your names?" the green one asked intently.

"I'm Fine." I smiled.

"Shade." he answered nonchalantly.

"What unique names! Is your hair always spiky like that? Or do you have to fix it in the morning?" orange one asked touching his hair openly. Shade flinched, the look in his eyes said "How dare she touch a Prince so openly! Has she no manners?!" while his face had a bored expression.

"Yeah it's like that all the time." the girls nodded their heads, they gave a signal to the boy holding the hand of the yellow girl, they're probably dating. He nodded slightly, and got up, "So Shade um.. Can you help me get some tea for all of us. The café is closed right about now so.." Shade abruptly got up, probably happy he could get away from all questions they would press on him. "Sure." he sauntered out of the room with the boy.

As soon as they left all the girls turned their attention to me, "So Fine, are you and Shade dating?" the nice red one asked, the girls leaned in eager to hear my answer.

"N-no no! Of course not." I waved my hands in denial. "We're just friends..." They all whined in disappointment.

"Awww but you guys look like you get along so well!"

I shrugged, "Well that's how it is. He likes someone else anyway." I explained thinking of someone with blue hair in particular.

"Who is it?!" green one shook my shoulders. All her friends gasped, she was usually the quiet type I presume.

"... My twin sister Rein..." I hesitated.

Their jaws dropped, "Say what?! But your twins! Wouldn't he like you two since you guys look the same?"

"Well that's not really the case. We aren't identical twins, we just sometimes talk the same and dance the same. She has blue hair and eyes while I have red hair and pink eyes." they all oh-ed. I noticed the girl in purple, had not participated in any of the conversations.

"Zakuro-chan you haven't participated in anything today!" the blue one noticed.

"It's none of my concern," she bluntly put.

"But earlier you agreed with us that Shade-kun was hot." she pouted.

She blushed, "I-I did not agree to such a thing." her once composed face now showed embarrassment. She probably the mature one of the group.

"You like him don't you?" I said.

"No! I do not!" she stated, but we all knew she was lying.

"I have an idea." orange whispered to yellow and she giggled.

"Here's the tea girls!" yellow's boyfriend walked through the door with Shade following behind, both of them carried trays of tea cups. They set them down for us and we drank some. When it was time to go the girls and the one guy introduced themselves as Ichigo, Pudding, Mint, Zakuro, Berry and Tasuku. Before waving us good-bye they pushed the shy Zakuro into Shade.

They fell to the floor, in the midst of all the commotion they shared an accidental kiss. Both wide-eyed and all her friends giggled. They jumped off each other and blushed furiously. I looked away when they made contact, to save myself from more hurt.

"We better get going now, come one Fine." he grunted grabbing my hand and walking out the door.

"Pyu-Pyu!" a little pink angel popped out of my pocket.

"PYU-PYU! What are you doing here?!" I cried.

"Pyu, pyu pyu pyu pyuuuu!"

"Ugh! I know you want to come, but it's not normal to have a tiny angel with you everywhere you go, on this planet! Don't tell me Kyu-Kyu is here too!" Pyu-Pyu nodded, while I freaked out. I realized during my outburst I let go of Shade's hand in the late night crowd.

"Go back into my pocket," I whispered, she sighed and flew back into it.

"Shade!" I called, "Where are you?"

I began to get anxious. Oh no! I'm lost! I'm cold, and now I'm alone. I began to sob. I felt someone grab my waist.

"You idiot! Don't let go of me this time. It took me awhile to find you. Don't cry anymore." he wiped some tears of my face, and took my hand. "Geez your such an idiot," he muttered under his breath, I could tell he was blushing, and he was just saying that to hide it. I smiled, and held his hand tight as we walked back to school.

~Ichigo's POV~

"I sensed an alien presence from those people." Masha stated as soon as they stepped out of the door.

"No worries Masha, they don't seem like they're any harm to Earth. After all they have an angel with them." I winked as I watched Fine scold the small angel on her shoulder.

-End Flashback-


Shade: So now you guys understand my dilemma! When I'm with Fine now my heart beats faster than normal. I think I'm sick!

TheDivinaLPS: Yeah you are sick! LOVESICK, that is. *Giggle*

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Fine: *Slaps Shade* Don't talk like that to the author! She controls what happens in this story! Do you want her to make you die in this?! All she has to do is type it and poof your dead!

Shade: Sorry. Please don't kill me. *cries*

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