Just another fanfic about Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime. The twins and their friends are sent to earth to complete tasks and receive badges using their magical items. They face new challenges, love, rivals, and meet new friends.
Coupling: SxF BxR
(It's also about the love triangle and a bit of the square too: SxFxR and SxFxRxB)
For ages 11+ (Includes some coarse language, and may contain scenes that children under the age of 11 will find disturbing)


4. First Day of Chaos Part 1

A/N: Yay! I finished. Usually I will try to update chapters everyday. But sometimes I wanna make them long so it will take me at least two or three days. Some of you probably wanted it to be longer so here it is. Hope you like it!


~Bright's POV~

I woke up with a start. That was some dream I had. I got up and went to the bathroom. I found that Shade had already dressed and now he was brushing his teeth. I rubbed my eyes, washed my face and did my morning routine.

"Have you seen my uniform," I asked while searching through my suitcases.

"Don't you remember, you were worried you'd lose it so you put it in your desk," Shade reminded me.

"Oh thanks," I took my sleepwear off and pulled on my uniform. Suddenly, I sensed something coming my way, I caught it.

"That's a guide to interact and live on this planet. Camelot left everyone a copy," Shade explained as he walked out the door.

I flipped through the pages with one hand as I fixed my tie with the other. "Hmm.. Chapter 1: Greetings.." I began reading.


~Fine's POV~

I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked pretty good. I was wearing a white long sleeve shirt and a navy blue vest with the school crest sewn into the pocket on the left side of my chest. I twirled and watched my pleated dress swirl around my legs. I had two mini bows holding the ends of my usual hair style. Rein joined me in front of the mirror, she wore a similar outfit, but a single bow held some of her hair back. "Well, today's the day," she sighed, "We'd better get going." We grabbed our bags and walked out the door, with our friends following closely behind as we walked out of the ship.


Camelot led is through the trees. Finally we reached open space. "Sugoi!" me and Rein exclaimed. The school was huge. It was as big as the castle, it was a modern style building, iron gates surrounded the property. All of us walked through the open gates. There were big wooden doors and above them was the name of the school, Elite Fine Arts School, what a lame name. We pushed open the doors to reveal a crowd of students walking in several different directions. Tio was so overwhelmed that he fainted, luckily Lione caught him. Camelot went to get our schedules and class lists. We were left to explore until she returned.


We decided to do a quick tour of the main building. It was more like a montage than a tour though haha. We headed back to where we were before, because Camelot had phoned Rein on her new shiny blue cell called an "iPhone". Everyone had one in their favourite colours, awesome right, and it had a special feature for collecting the badges we would receive when we complete a task using our minds and magical items. Lulu handed us our time tables, turns out our group was split in two different homerooms, but we would often see each other in different subjects. Of course me and Rein had everything together as usual. "Well now," Camelot clapped her hands to get our attention, "they have told us that apparently it is a free day, you can all go explore, find where your classes are, lockers, dorms and such today, classes officially start tomorrow, so you all best be getting everything ready today." We all pumped our fists in the air, "YEAH FREE DAY!"


There was a map on the back of the time table, there were six different buildings on campus. Wow, this place is huge. We all decided to go to the dorms first so we wouldn't have to worry about cleaning later on. Hmm... our room was 6-B, we went into the elevator and stopped at the sixth floor. When we had reached our room, we found that it was decorated with our room number written in our favourite colours in handwriting. We turned the key to the room, and inside was a living room and kitchen. There were three other doors, two were on the left side of the living room, they had our names written on them. I figured that the one with my name was my room (DUH). As I opened the door my jaw dropped, everything inside was red, and pink, AWESOMENESS. I had a queen size bed with cute pink pillows. (I leave the rest of the room to your imagination.) I ran to Rein, hers was the same, and she had a giant walk in closet complete with a new wardrobe and accessories. "I'm all set for the parties and festivals we're gonna have!" she squealed. We unpacked our things and went to check out more of the school.


We skipped to the boys dorm, we were allowed in each others dorms until curfew, which was 9:30pm, we checked the computer in the lobby to see what rooms the boys were in, "Hm.. Shade, Shade.. nope not that one," I searched. Finally I found it, room 4-D, "Alright let's go visit Shade," I yelled. Rein was about to complain in protest but I ignored her and dragged her onto the elevator. I happily dragged her to their door, she was unconscious, so I let her go and knocked on the door. To my surprise Bright answered the door, "Oh Fine what a surprise, where's Rein," he asked, "Oh right there," I pointed to the sleeping Rein on the floor. He picked her up and carried her inside, I followed behind and closed the door. Bright set Rein down on the couch, and ushered me to take a seat across from him. "So you all settled in now, Princess Fine," he questioned as he took a sip of tea, "Yep, all set, bags unpacked, locker filled with my gym clothes check," he offered me some tea I shook my head. "You know Bright..." I trailed off, "you don't have to be so formal all the time, and plus we're on a different planet, so wouldn't it be weird if you called us Princes and Princesses all the time?" He looked surprised, "Then what do you want me to call you guys?"

"Just call us by our names, we are all close friends you know."

"U-um okay, Fine," his cheeks were pink as he said my name, what's wrong with him?

"Do you have a fever," I leaned closer and put my forehead against his to check his temperature.

"N-no don't worry, I'm alright," I leaned back, "You don't look like it," he has gotten even redder.

"Um will you excuse me," He rushed out of the room, weird guy. Suddenly, Rein wakes up, and gives me a cold stare, "What," I asked irritated, "You know what," she gets up and walks over to the door of Bright's room, and enters. What was that about?

I hear a door creaking open, I whip my head around, it's Shade, his hair is damp and dripping water all over the floor. More importantly the only thing he was wearing was his towel, I turned bright red *nosebleed*. Shit! He's practically naked, retreat retreat! I got up and opened the nearest door and hid. I listened for movement, thank god. I don't hear anything. I decide to get up, but I was quickly pulled back down again by someone. They had covered my mouth with their hand to keep me from screaming. He let go, I turned to find it was Shade, this time wearing at least some pants. He was lean, dayumm, I want to eat him up, FOCUS FINE FOCUS. I told myself. "What the heck are you doing inside my dorm," he asked furiously, "I wanted to visit you, I didn't know you were in the shower," I explained.

"Who let you in?"


"Of course. Is Rein with you?"

"Yeah, but she's in Bright's room"

"She's WHERE?!" He jumped.

"She went to his room to check on him," I told him with confusion. "Dammit," he clenched his fists. He got up and was about to walk out the door when I stop him. But instead I trip and we end up falling onto his... BED!? I opened my eyes, Shade was on top of me. I started to panic, my heart was beating a million miles a second as he looked down on me. He looked very surprised, but as I gazed into his violet-blue eyes his expression became softer. He leans in as I close my eyes. Then BAM! "Hey guys! Time for a festival, let's go!" Rein appeared in the doorway with Bright behind her. She suddenly realizes the situation and she heats up with embarrassment. Before Bright could notice Shade had already jumped off me and sat up, I jumped off the bed and stood up straight. "Huh? Why aren't you wearing a shirt Shade? Fine, are you okay?" he asked concerned. "I-I'm f-fine," we stammered in unison. He shrugged and carried Rein outside. What just happened, were Shade and me gonna K-KISS?!


When the excitement had died down, we headed for the festival in the school courtyard. When we saw everything we were in complete awe. It was awesome. I can't begin to describe it. The school was holding a a festival in honour of the first years if the school. Basically it was made for us. "Yosh! Let's Go!" Rein and I yelled as she grabbed Bright's hand and dragged him in one direction while I did the same with Shade. We had so much fun! We played games, went through the hunted house, which I totally failed at, and Shade even got me some food. The boys won us some prizes too. BEST DAY EVER!


At 2pm we went back to the entrance, we also ran into some friends, Altezza and Auler were obviously on a date. But they still had an awkward atmosphere around them. Suddenly a big mob that resembled a stampede sped by us and surrounded the boys. Tio and Solo weren't surrounded, instead they desperately tried to get the girls to notice them by doing crazy things like doing a parody of "Hey I'm Shade" jokes. Rein and I laughed hysterically when the one about Regina's Poo came up, it was classic! .


"KYAA, they're so hot," screamed a crowd of girls, they surrounded the three boys, Shade, Auler, and Bright. They were yelling questions like, "What's your name?" or, "Do you have a girlfriend?" then the most irritating one, "MARRY ME PLEASE!" Shade looks like he was irritated at first, but as soon as they started complimenting him, he started enjoying it. I pouted in jealousy, Rein was worse though, she had a dark aura around her. When it comes to Bright, she's very protective. As I see it she had nothing to worry about, he didn't really enjoy all the attention he was getting, instead he had a giant swear drop on his head and a fake-modest smile. Suddenly, Shade caught us looking, and decided to take this chance to stick out his tongue and mouth "Losers". I got pissed, but Rein was ready to kill so I held her back.


~Rein's POV~

Ugh! Those girls are so immature clinging to them like that. They're so desperate, they fawn over anything they say. Sheesh!

"What's your names?" they asked intently.

"I'm Bright, pleased to make your acquaintance." They yelled, "Bright-sama!"

"Yo. I'm Shade," he saluted, "Shade-sama! Kyaaa, your so cool!" They did the same with Auler, as Altezza watched with dread. It made me sick.

Shade caught me staring, he took this opportunity to piss me off more. He called ME a LOSER! JERK! Bastard, he'll pay for that. Fine held me back, "It's not worth it Rein," I relaxed a little more. "Fine. If you insist." There was a sudden gust of wind, and in a few seconds me and Fine were surrounded by... BOYS!? What?! I don't recall being this popular. They attacked us with with questions, it was so overwhelming, I got dizzy, my brain couldn't process thy many questions at once. I only managed to get my name out. Fine and I both fainted from the pressure.


~Shade's POV~

We were surrounded, I was enjoying it, but I acted as though I didn't to piss off Rein. Bright was just fake smiling and being the guy he was, he tried to answer all their questions. Suddenly, a giant gust of wind passed us, the twins were surrounded by guys in seconds. "What's your names cuties?" they asked, "Um F-fine-desu," she stammered, "R-rein-desu," Rein blurted. "Fine-sama, Rein-sama! KAWAII!" they yelled, with hearts for eyes, my fists clenched. Then I noticed that something was wrong with the twins. They were stumbling and their faces were getting redder and redder.


~Bright's POV~

The girls around me were so noisy. I didn't know how to handle them. I looked over the crowd to check on the twins and Altezza. Altezza was fine, except she was irritated by something. I searched for the other. two, and to my surprise a giant group of boys surrounded them. Something's wrong with them, they've fainted. I pushed my way through thecrowd of fangirls, when I accidentally bumped into one of them. I apologize, and check if she's okay, then I make a run for the crowd of boys. That girl I bumped into seemed suspicious.. Never mind that! I've gotta find Fine!


~Shade and Bright's POVs~

I reached into the crowd and pulled her out. I dragged her to a safe place. Finally I came to a stop, we were breathing heavily, trying to catch our breath. I opened my eyes, "Fine," I was wide eyed. "Rein," I gaped. I thought I had grabbed her hand not "hers".



Questions for the chapter:

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How long will Bright hold onto his feelings for Fine?

Who was that suspicious girl, will see become an important character later on?

Who's with who? Shade with Rein or Fine? Bright with Rein or Fine?

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