A girl named Addie is taken from her grandparents by a man named David. He has taken her to help her discover things about herself and the whereabouts of her parents.


3. Possibility

Addie stared at him, her gaze unwavering. She sat quietly for a moment and then burst out laughing. She laughed and laughed and laughed. Tears streamed down her cheeks. “Powers?” She gasped. “What, like Peter Parker, or something?” She giggled and wiped her face. “What kind of drugs are you on, man?”

The man’s face tightened, “I know it sounds absurd, but it’s a reasonable theory. You’d understand if you listened to me.”

Addie sat up straight and shrugged. She decided to hear him out.

The man took a deep breath and started talking again, “Your parents worked as scientists at the factory and when it exploded, they were covered with all different sorts of chemicals. I believe that these chemicals reacted and affected your parents. When they came home to tell you goodbye and grab their things, I believe the change might have affected you, as well.”

Addie chewed on her fingernails, “But they were only home for a few minutes. I mean, they literally packed their bags, gave me a hug, and left.”

The man nodded, “Though the time they spent with you was little, it was still efficient. Especially, when they hugged you goodbye, the chemicals could have rubbed off.”

“And, my grandparents, since they never saw my parents after the explosion, they couldn’t have been infected, right?”

The man nodded, “Right.”

“So the only parts missing in this story are who you are and why you brought me here.”

The man straightened his shoulders. “My name is David Wilder. I brought you here to teach you how to control your powers. I was a friend of your parents and they wrote me a letter asking for me to help you.”

Addie’s mouth dropped open. “They wrote you a letter? Can I see it?” Her eyes brightened.

The man shook his head. “Unfortunately, you cannot. I destroyed the letter. It would have been dangerous to keep it.”

Her face fell and her shoulders drooped. The man felt so sorry for her, for what had happened, and what was to come. He mumbled, “I did, however, memorize it if you’d like to hear it.”

“Yes.” She said.

He began, “Dear David, Oh old friend, it has been a while. I apologize that we have not kept in better contact over the years. Helen and I were working at a factory and it exploded, releasing dangerous chemicals all over the place. We believe we have suffered the side effects of a toxic mix. We left our only daughter, Addie, with her grandparents in Destin. We need you to check up on her and make sure she’s okay. It is possible she may have the same problem we do. There is some other news, too. The explosion also affected a coworker of ours, man named Umberto White. Only, his powers are not controllable and for the most part, good, like Helen and I’s. His are evil. We have seen him murder families and innocent children, just for the fun of it. He has been capturing people and making an army. It is scary and weird to think, but David, we need your help. Please take Addie from her grandparent’s house somewhere safe and teach her to fight. She needs to learn how, and once she does, she can join us in our mission to stop Umberto. Thank you, David. Sincerely, Mark Young.”

When David finished reciting, he looked up and found tears in Addie’s eyes.

“So,” he said quietly, “What do you think?”

Addie sniffled and said, “Let’s take him down.”

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