A girl named Addie is taken from her grandparents by a man named David. He has taken her to help her discover things about herself and the whereabouts of her parents.


4. Determined

For three months, Addie and David practiced harnessing her powers, seeing what she was capable of. So far, she had lifted a tree from the ground and put it back, using only her mind. She had crushed a metal box, by simply squeezing her palm. She had lit the backyard on fire and extinguished it with water. She had made daisies grow in a day, taller than her and taller than David. She and David also worked out. She ran six miles every morning and did lots of cardio. By the end of three months, she was fit and toned. She felt confident and ready to take down Umberto.

“David,” she said.


“I’m ready.”

David looked her up and down and gave a quick nod. “I’ll see about contacting your parents, then.”

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