A girl named Addie is taken from her grandparents by a man named David. He has taken her to help her discover things about herself and the whereabouts of her parents.


1. Awake

When she woke, she was surrounded by darkness. The air felt hot and sticky, like Florida in the summertime. She glanced around her surroundings, but could see no one or anything. Her ears strained to pick up on a noise, any noise at all, but there was none. She lay back down and waited.

“Get up,” a man’s voice said.

She growled and scooted over. It was light now and she could make out a face staring at her. A face with blue eyes, tan cheeks, and a five o’clock shadow. She was huddled in the corner of a dark room.

Anger rose within her. Who was he? Why had he taken her from her house? All she could remember was lying on the couch, lazily flipping though the channels on the TV, when he came in.

She spit at his feet, “Who are you? Why am I here?”

The man grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet. “I know it seems scary and strange right now, but soon it will all make sense. Please, let me help you. It’s been two days since you’ve last eaten. I bet you’re hungry.”

She rose and jerked her arm out of his grip. She said nothing and glared at him with the fury of a thousand suns.

The man sighed and gestured towards the door, “This way.”

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