Luke's glamour model

Hazel Nesbitt the most successful 18 year old model to have an amazing career ahead of her.
She is a beautiful role model for a wide range of teenagers around the world, she gets offered a job promotion in Australia for Topshop and Vogue magazine she immediately accepts it, before she knows it she is saying goodbye to Florida and on her way to the beautiful country which is full of kangaroos, koalas, amazing views and not to forget gorgeous guys who surf the Aussie waves all day!
Hazel could get any guy to fall to their feet with her looks but she doesn't want that she wants the special someone to come along and like her inner person and not her outer look. This is what she'll get once she lands in Australia and finds that boy who has been crushing on her for a incredibly long time...


4. We're here, Finally!


It was now around 13 hours into the flight and I was on my way over to the toilet cubicle to change into another outfit because I knew the paps, news reporters and maybe some fans would be there awaiting my arrival and I didn't want to turn up looking like a drowned rat :

Walking back out I made sure my dress was perfect and my hair was still neatly tucked into it's curly waves and the two french plaits going across the back of my head.

I took my seat back at the middle section where a posh family of three were seated, they were all looking at me really closely the entire flight like they were trying to figure out where they had seen me before. Their daughter who seemed around the age of 11 years old was the worst she gave me nasty glares but it's not like I hadn't seen it before, she would probably be a hater girl of some sort with the looks she gave me. Her parents were seated beside me while she was furthest away but every so often her parents would fully tongue each other down and I mean fully, it was as like they thought there was nobody around them, not to mention they were like the age of my nonno and nonna but maybe less, like they just had a few grey hairs here and there but still you could see there daughter got absolutely no attention at all and that is why she probably acts so stuck up and maybe even be one of my haters.

"Please fasten your seat belts and please put all electronic devices away as we will be landing shortly" The pilot said over the speaker system. I buckled it up and pushed the tray in that had my small peach coloured Chanel purse and iPhone resting on it.

The time finally came so we could get off the plane it was surprisingly quiet but I was expecting it with all the security in airports, they're probably outside waiting for me to come out. We stayed beside the plane in a safe position waiting until Ann would get a call from our driver saying he is outside and waiting. I am pretty excited to see my house it looked really good on the photos Ann had sent me but I haven't seen what the neighborhood was like yet.

Ann's phone began to ring the famous iPhone marimba call, she unlocked it and held it close to her ear "Yes this is Ann Harris, may I ask who is speaking" She said in her poshest tone. "Oh OK we are on our way" She said into the phone grabbing her suitcase.

"He's here, lets go" She said walking off following the lead of a flight attendant. We all grabbed out close belongings and gained speed to catch up to them both.

"Excited huh?" Marie nudged my arm and giggled. "That's a rhetorical question" I smiled to her.

"Yeah Marie you already know the answer" Francheska said pushing her away and taking her place of standing next to me, "So are you two excited?" I asked. "Yeah, but I was a bit upset off leaving my mom and dad" I nodded and grabbed out my phone from my bag 'Just landed in Melbourne and flipping heck it is cold, I thought it's supposed to be summer? Oh wait what season is it supposed to be in Aus???'

I clicked send and looked at the answers, Ah its spring. 'Who needs Yahoo Answers when you have Twitter and fans ღ ' Was my second tweet until we got there and I put my phone away.

Just passed the scanning machines and we are now on our way out, you could hear the constant chants and bangs going on around the airport windows, it was actually frightening to be honest.

"Oh my god Hazel, well I tell you what, your fans are extremely dedicated they are beating up the paps for you" Bertram joked pointing to a fan smacking and pushing a man with a camera out of the way so she could get to the front of the glass window I burst out laughing and tried to wave to her to catch her attention, when she noticed we were looking and waving to her she immediately stopped and held up a banner saying 'Haze follow me please !! @HazelsArmy'

I giggled at the cute nickname and she was now practically jumping with joy, I made a signal for her too stop jumping around and she figured it out and stopped but held the banner tight in the air, I took a picture of her and the banner on my phone and uploaded it to twitter saying 'follow this beautiful girl she definitely made my day a lot happier and brighter' 

After following her and direct messaging her saying 'I love the banner' I noticed she was screaming and it looked like she was having a silent heart attack because the glass was covering the noise and all I could hear was screams.

"Ready yet?" Ann asked, I nodded my head and took the last sip off the coffee Francheska had just got me.

We carried on walking towards the doors with stares coming from all around us making me feel a teeny bit awkward and self conscious but i'm now used to it so it isn't such a big deal.

"Hiii" I cooed to the driver as we got in the car "Hello" he said bluntly and began to drive away slowly because of the big crowd getting in the way of the limo.

I rolled the window down a tidgy bit so I could wave to most of the fans that were peeking their faces towards the windows. Finally we had made it onto the main road and were now 10 minutes or so away from the new house we were contracted too.

"Thanks!" I cheered to the driver before rushing out of the car and looking deep in gazement at the new house. "Aw oh my god! Girls look at this! Its so cute" I smiled like a little girl when she see's a rainbow, I have this feeling deep inside me which I have only felt a few times but its that feeling you have when you feel grown up like an adult, I mean I have my own house now to myself.

Well I have to share it with Bertram, Ann, Francheska, Marie, Forte and Dave, but that's only until they can find houses themselves.

Forte, Dave and maybe Bertram will get an apartment together while Ann, Francheska and Marie will get another.

If they can't find one they might as well stay here, it looks big enough anyway.

The house is decorated with a beautiful setting it has flower baskets dangling above the steps to the porch and the windows are wide opened with light pink outdoor shutters beside them, the roof is a light tan colour to it making it seem all girly. It was like a teenage girls dream house.

A stone path led up to the stairs of the large porch which has three rocking chairs on and a large garden swing was attached to the other side of the porch. There is two patches of grass either side of the path but the left side was mostly covered with even more stone gravel for the driveway, the only bad thing about that was I don't have a car so it'd just take up space, but theirs a back garden.

We grabbed our suitcases out and tried to heave them up the stairs, Come on don't judge we're girls. Forte and Dave helped us with them but more like brought them in for us because us girls (not counting Ann) had already set off to explore the house.

"I get the best room!" I winked we all giggled at nothing really and carried on our search in the house.

We had only been in about 3 rooms and I can already tell you its amazing.



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