Luke's glamour model

Hazel Nesbitt the most successful 18 year old model to have an amazing career ahead of her.
She is a beautiful role model for a wide range of teenagers around the world, she gets offered a job promotion in Australia for Topshop and Vogue magazine she immediately accepts it, before she knows it she is saying goodbye to Florida and on her way to the beautiful country which is full of kangaroos, koalas, amazing views and not to forget gorgeous guys who surf the Aussie waves all day!
Hazel could get any guy to fall to their feet with her looks but she doesn't want that she wants the special someone to come along and like her inner person and not her outer look. This is what she'll get once she lands in Australia and finds that boy who has been crushing on her for a incredibly long time...


5. Melbourne Shopping Centre


The first day in Australia was a blur it was mainly due to me being asleep because of jet lag, the second day was just unpacking everything because the house was basically empty.

Now its the third and we can actually have some fun, starting with a shopping trip.

Me and the girls had planned it on the way here and had looked up the shopping centers they have in Melbourne or on the outskirts. There is this one that looks extremely good and it has everything you could want. Outside it had paint balling, outdoor rock climbing and this thing called Aerial Extreme which is basically like a climbing frame but in tree tops where you're harnessed to wires and cables,  its pretty high up but it looks truly enjoyable. Inside was dozens of shops an also some more games like mini golf, laser quest and a huge cinema.


I wore a nice turquoise blue dress which was really pretty, with blue high heels and a matching lace shoulder purse. I finished up getting ready and made sure I looked OK before heading out to find the girls, I found them in the kitchen tidying up some dishes and cleaning the kitchen surfaces. "How long will you be?" I asked.

"We finish at 12" Marie replied. I nodded and looked towards the black and silver clock that hung on the long stretched wall it read 11:46 a.m. So just 14 mins until we could set off. I opened my mac laptop and decided have a sneaky follow spree without anyone knowing, I ended up in the end following a few hundred but I got tired so I decided to come off after tweeting 'Just had a sneaky follow spree (; followed a couple hundred but now off to a shopping trip with the girls yay, bye love ya all :*'

By the time I had finished the girls were nearly done with the house work and about to get changed into different outfits.

*If you wanna see what they wore the links are below*



"Okay girls, so we are going to have to catch the bus there because the driver has gone to take Anne to a radio interview" They nodded and I ran upstairs quickly to try and find Dave and Forte.

"Dave? Forte?" I questioned knocking on the upstairs doors. "Yeah i'm here whats up kid?" Forte asked coming out of the room and joining my search for Dave.

"Okay so i'm going out shopping with the maids" I said

"Oh right, i'll go get ready then"

"No Forte, its fine have a day off, nothing bad will happen" I smiled

"What if something happens?" He asked

"Its fine, i'll take my phone, theirs security at the shopping centre and the girls will be with me"

He nodded discreetly and walked away. "Okay lets go to the bus stop now" I said to Marie and Frankie when I got downstairs, they followed me out and we were on our way, if you're wondering the bus stop was only two streets away that's why we know where it is.

"What are you hoping to get today?" Marie asked as we got out of the wide spread garden.

"Shoes, dresses, tops, skirts, shorts, maybe some sandals, hair stuff"

We all giggled and carried on walking. "What aren't you getting" Frankie giggled. "Erm" I pretended to think, "A pet, that's for sure" They laughed and by the time we know it we were on the bus.

Frankie and Marie sat together like always while I sat on my own on the double seat next to theirs, it wasn't a surprise though, I mean cause they're both best friends and are around the same age Frankie is 26 and Marie is 23 and I am 18 so its kind of a big difference between us three, I used to get on with Marie really well actually but now she only agrees with what Frankie says and they both can be quite horrible at times, but we do get on great and have had some hilarious times together!

I at all the pretty features in the town I were now living in. "C'mon hun we're here, lets get shopping!" Frankie cheered pulling me up by arm out of my seat, I grabbed my purse quickly before I got escorted off the bus by Frankie and Marie, actually more like dragged!

"Which shop first Hazel" Marie asked.

"Yeah, you'll know where they do nice clothes for us" Frankie laughed. I smiled in return and carried on walking "Look out for Forever 21 or Top Shop they will have beautiful outfits in their" They did as told and we were now trying on dresses in Forever 21.

I found this really nice blue one it was a skater skirt type and the pattern was called Acid Wash, also I found another one which was similar it was a blue Chambray dress with white polka dots, they were gorgeous.

"I'm hungry, I haven't had anything to eat today!" I moaned to them like a young teenage girl, "Yeah me too" Marie agreed.

"Food court it is" Frankie said, we followed her out with our hands already filled with Forever 21 bags.

They ended up getting a KFC while I got a subway knowing to stick with my diet even though i'm starting work in 2 weeks, just so I can get used to my new surroundings in Melbourne. I just didn't want to work it all off on the last week of freedom and rest.

We all met back up in the middle of the food court, we got a good table with quite a lot of people around us but they weren't big dirty or anything they were all kinda posh and strict so that was fine.

Oh wait, spoke to soon. There's a few guys coming over and they all look quite the rebellious type of guys the ones I wouldn't want to get involved with, bad boys...

I turned away from them because I didn't want to be caught staring, they ended up sitting at a table close to ours, bad luck I thought to myself. I looked back once again and they all had McDonald's each and they were five of them, they all wore a snap-back each except one with brown hair in a slight quiff, he was wearing a panda beanie which was cute. I mentally slapped myself and forced myself to look away, but something stopped me, I just found them interesting and I don't have a clue why they seem different but I don't know in what way either, I was drawn to them.

I was looking for that long that people around us started to notice and chuckle at me and I think that made the group of boys interested because they looked over to me and caught me staring at them I heard them laugh very loudly making me blush a bright crimson colour and look down to my Subway salad sandwich, I was extremely embarrassed, I watched them in the corner of my eyes instead, I noticed that the panda hat guy nudged his friend beside him and whispered something into his ear, the boy had his back facing me but as soon as panda boy pulled away he immediately turned around and noticed me. He looked kinda the same as panda boy except he had a lip ring and a blue highlight in his hair.

I focused my eyes back onto my sandwich so he couldn't notice I was sneakily looking at him, he eventually turned back around with a big smile plastered on his face and his cheeks a cute red colour.

To be honest he is cute but I don't want to be caught up with boys at the moment. I continued to eat my salad subway sandwich because I am starving I could eat a whole whale right now.


We were on our way to the shopping centre in Beau's car with me riding shotgun. "First when we there could we pick up something to eat, i'm starving right now" I asked the boys which they agreed to because they were also starving.

*Skip time*

We walked through the court looking for a good spot to sit at, usually if you sit on the outside its full of dirty people who eat with their mouths open or some that smell, no offence to them. So we took a seat in the middle where the usual posh people sit at because they get first dibs on stuff.

Anyway I sat beside Jai and Skip, with Jai on my left and Skip on my right.

Halfway through eating the boys just suddenly laughed really loud, I looked up and noticed they were looking at me I wiped my mouth feeling self conscious "What?" I asked, they looked at Jai and nodded. Jai came closer to me so he could whisper something quietly into my ear. "Don't turn around really fast, but... There's a surprise behind you, also known as Hazel Nesbitt and we just caught her checking you out" He nudged me and winked, how could she check me out when my back is facing her, anyway as soon as he pulled away I ignored what he'd said and immediately turned around, I huge smile grew on my lips and I looked at her every feature, she was even more prettier in person, she is just, gorgeous.

I looked back to the boys with still red cheeks and could feel them burning me under my skin, they were all looking at me smirking and trying to hold in their hysterics.

"Dude, go talk to her then!" James said loudly like usual.

"No I can't" I mumbled going even more crimson.

"Yeah you can, why can't you?" Beau asked

"Cause look at her she's a model and famous" I said like it was ovious, which it is. "Oh yeah.." Skip said which didn't help at all.


"Right lets actually shop now" I suggested getting up to go put my rubbish away.

When I came back from the bin the girls had packed away too and we were ready to go. Firstly we made our way too Top Shop and threw dresses to each other to try on, they chose out 7 dresses for me and they were all stunning!

In the end I ended up buying 5 out of the 7 dresses because two didn't fit me and they're wasn't anymore sizes that were well fitted for me.

"Hey hottie, wait up!" I heard a strong Aussie accent call behind me, we turned around confusingly and saw the five boys that were in the food court earlier close behind us, we pretty much ignored them thinking they were shouting to somebody else, because i'm pretty sure they'd have girls to hang around with because if I say so myself they are hot!

We carried on walking to the women's toilets so I could fix up on my make up, which Frankie and Marie were a bit annoyed about like they were both motherly figures at this point of time.

We were about to walk in when I felt a gentle tap on my left shoulder making me jump and spin around immediately. "Fuck!" I murmured before looking up and connecting eyes by one of the guys in the group they were gorgeous and a bright green colour. "Sorry" He apologised with a catching smirk on his face because I ended up smirking with him over nothing really. There was a silence with us just staring at each other until it broke by Frankie awkwardly coughing and Marie giggling beside us.

"Uh, not to sound rude but who are you what did you want?" I said trying to not sound as rude as possible. "Oh uh, I dunno really" He said awkwardly.

I giggled and walked backwards slowly to go into the toilets, he knew what I was doing and quickly spoke before I walked away, "Oh yeah, uh do you want to hang out with me and my brothers over there... It's okay if you don't want to but its my brother he has a bit of a crush on you and I said i'll talk to you for him." He said quite fast before I could have chance to walk away, but he said it at a good speed so I could understand everything.

"Sure, i'd love to I don't like disappointing... uh fans, but let me just go do my make up, be back in five" He nodded and jogged back off to the group while I walked into the rest rooms with Frankie and Marie hollering me close behind.

"Why'd you do that!" Frankie gasped as soon as the door shut.

"What!" I gasped back at her "I want to make friends ya know, I know I have you too but you get on well cause you're both around the same age, now let me make friends my age you're not my mum" I said rudely to her, firstly I pulled out my pink punch baby lips lip balm and applied that to my lips, put a bit of MUA blusher on with my MUA extreme mascara curler.

I was done quite quick and made my way out, I met the girls who were laughing to themselves around the corner from the toilets, as soon as I approached them they stopped laughing and looked at me blankly.

"Soooo..." I frowned at them, they didn't say anything and just carried onto look at me emotionless. "You two coming then?" I asked and looked over to where the group should be, they all had eyes on me making me feel a little uncomfortable, "Nah, we're actually going to shop now" Marie said a bit bluntly. "Erm okay then" I said and with that they left, "So much for sticking together" I mumbled to myself once they disappeared into the crowd of vast shoppers.

I walked over to the group and they met me half way "Hello" I greeted once I was close enough, they all said their welcomes and I decided to introduce myself first. "I'm Hazel, nice to meet you all" I warmly smiled.

"I'm James Yammouni" The tall one of the group said.

"Daniel Sahyoune but call me Skip"

"Jai Brooks" Panda hat boy said.

"Beau Brooks" The guy with amazing green eyes said and he was also the one who had approached me earlier.

I looked to the last boy who was looking stunned at my appearance which made me a bit self conscious "and who are you cutie" I giggled and looked into his beautiful hazel eyes.

"askjfji" He said with his mouth slightly open, I looked at the boys and they noticed my expression and burst out into fits of laughter. "He's Luke Brooks also know as my twin, but you can obviously see who's the most hottest" Jai laughed.

"Oh wait! I was doing a twit cam before I came to Australia and you guys got mentioned! Luke, Beau and Jai!" I practically yelled.

"Why what did they say?" Jai asked

"Well my maids were telling the fans I had a short temper and some started saying stuff like 'Omg that's like the brooks brothers and how Beau and Jai always tease Luke on his short temper' and some started saying stuff like '#Lazel and #Huke' it was really funny" I giggled "Oh yeah and Jai i'd say Luke was hotter too be honest" I winked.

"Oh my god, James, Skip!" I heard Beau say but I focused my attention onto Jai.

"WHAT!" Jai shouted obviously shocked "You'd rather choose him! He's drooling for Christ sake!" Jai yelled making me burst out into giggles. I turned back to Luke to look at his sight, when I saw him he was bright red and James, Skip and Beau teasing him. "What's happening?" I asked Jai clearly confused, he was smirking but trying to pretend he didn't know what was going on but I could see right through him. "C'mon beautiful, we need to go somewhere else" At this point I was truly worried but did as told. I started to follow him but I wasn't too far away from the boys teasing Luke over something that seemed serious. "DON'T BEAU" I heard Luke shout loudly and that was the first time I heard him speak and man his voice was amazing!

"HAZEL!" Beau called I stopped and Jai tried to drag me away being gentle as he could. I looked to him and could see Luke was trying to tackle him to the ground playfully with James and Skip dragging him back up. "LUKE HAS A BONER OVER YOU!" He yelled over to me and I think pretty much then everybody stopped to look at us, my jaw must of fell to the floor and I think Luke went pretty much the colour of a tomato, you'd think I went bright red at that point but guess what I didn't its happened plenty of times before but in different locations.

"BEAU!" I shouted back at him, the boys burst out into laughter and I quickly skipped over to them, the surprised shoppers went back to what they were doing and let us carry on with our weird conversations.

"Oh my god that was so embarrassing!" I yelled at Beau when I reached him, Luke was still pinning him to the ground and Beau was trying endlessly to get up. I crouched down to them both and finally greeted Luke. "Hi Luke, nice to meet you" I smiled genuinely.

"You have a hot accent" Beau interrupted which I returned with a playful glare. "Hi you too, sorry about that" He said still redder than the brightest object on earth, if that's possible.

"It's fine, it's not the first time that's happened" I giggled, I pulled myself up but heard Luke mumble something "Not a surprise"

I pretended I didn't hear a thing and carried on, "Where did your friends go?" James asked. "They weren't my friends, they were my maids but they just ditched me cause I wanted to hang out with you guys.

"Awee, cuteee"  they all chorused together "Lets hang out now then?" I suggested, they nodded their heads and that afternoon they pretty much followed me everywhere like I was Regina George off mean girls or something. At one point I asked them which shop they wanted to go in and they just said anything that I would like to go in. Weird right.


------ I think that's the longest chapter I have EVER wrote ------

Sorry I don't know any Australian clothing shops

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