Luke's glamour model

Hazel Nesbitt the most successful 18 year old model to have an amazing career ahead of her.
She is a beautiful role model for a wide range of teenagers around the world, she gets offered a job promotion in Australia for Topshop and Vogue magazine she immediately accepts it, before she knows it she is saying goodbye to Florida and on her way to the beautiful country which is full of kangaroos, koalas, amazing views and not to forget gorgeous guys who surf the Aussie waves all day!
Hazel could get any guy to fall to their feet with her looks but she doesn't want that she wants the special someone to come along and like her inner person and not her outer look. This is what she'll get once she lands in Australia and finds that boy who has been crushing on her for a incredibly long time...


1. Leaving party!


I applied a dark shade of grey eye shadow onto my upper eyelid and then did two coats of Chanel's waterproof mascara onto my thick eyelash's. Tonight was my leaving party because I was traveling across the world to reach the amazing Australia. I finished up my make up and slipped one of my favourite outfits on:

I jumped onto my bed dramatically and logged into twitter, I swept through my mentions looking at the weird posts some fans had sent me. I decided to tweet something to keep them updated 'Just finished getting ready for my Leaving party can't wait, haven't had a bit off fun in a while.. xoxo'

I quickly swept through the comments which they had posted within 21 seconds, to be accurate. Most were asking where I was leaving too and the rest were asking me to follow them and some were telling me to enjoy myself and have a good time.

I switched my phone off after a while of reading and following fans, popped it into my bag and made my way out of my now half empty bedroom.

I walked down my grand looking stairs twirling my curled bangs seductively with my fingers, I was met at the bottom with my best friend who was a guy but had recently turned gay "Wow Hazel, you look great" Dan greeted whilst grinning toothily. "Well you look smashing yourself" I giggled, we linked arms and walked towards the rest of the group which were located beside the front door.

"Hey girlies, hey mum" I smiled sympathetically I tried to put on a brave face and I noticed they were also, I was supposed to be leaving later tommorow afternoon so i'm guessing everyone was in a crappy mood.

"You look stunning" They all chorused in different ways like, 'You're so pretty' and 'Get ugly already!' 

"Thanks, you all look amazing too!" I said pointing to each of their gorgeous outfits that they were wearing. We walked out of the house after saying our goodbyes to my chef Bertram and the maids Francheska and Marie, who were also joining my trip to Australia for extra pay.

My mum locked the front door and all seven of us made our way over to my limo, which was a surprise for me as well as the party which I only found out about 3 days ago.

My girly friends: Charlie and Sophie, maybe the maids Francheska and Marie.

My guy best friend: Dan

My ex: Heath, who is still a close friend but we both still flirt around with each other, but usually it doesn't mean anything.

Also not to forget my lovely mother who I love very much!

We were met at the bottom of the porch by Dave and Forte my body guards, (Forte is Italian and you say it like fourty).

I don't have any siblings nor a dad, I never met him because he passed away when I was just a baby, I live in Florida right now in a small town called Boca and my house is close to the sea shore and that's what I love about it, cause the beach is like my second home as well as the mall and work.

Anyway, I went back onto twitter and posted another quick tweet updating them once more.

'In the car with @heyimheath_ and we're on our way too the new night club in town, woo buzzing xox' I soon got a reply back from Heath saying 'It's going to be a great night and babe you look absolutely stunning, selfie?'

I giggled and nodded towards him, I got up and went to sit on his lap he pulled out his phone and he snapped away taking photos of us both doing different poses. My favourite was the one where I was winking into the camera and Heath was kissing my cheek. I'm guaranteed that was his favourite too as seen as he set it as his lock screen wallpaper.

He posted them onto twitter and I saved them onto my phone after re-tweeting and favouriting them. We soon arrived and Sophie and Dave were the first to open the right hand side doors, it swung open but the car erupted with cheers, screams and camera clicks.

Oh no, was the first thought that came into my head. I'm going to get a big explanation on why I shouldn't tweet where I am going "Oh god no Haze!" Charlie said with a glint of annoyance in her tone. I rolled my eyes in regret and aggression "I'm sorry! I forgot" I mumbled quietly.

Dave was about to say something to me probably warning me once more about being careful online when my mum interrupted him "It is fine, just don't do it again Hazel" She said I looked over to her confused, she was smiling big and looked like she couldn't contain it.

"What?" I looked at her confusingly, why is she happy and not mad at me like she usually is when she finds out I've told the paps and fans where I am.

"Nothing just excited for my beautiful daughter! I know how much your job means to you and tommorow you're going to finally get to live it even bigger than you are doing now!" I saw a shiny clear coloured tear slip out through her eyes but she quickly wiped it away as soon as she noticed it was trickling down her cheek

"Aw mum that means a lot and I love you so much but please don't cry, you can visit whenever you want and i'll come visit as much as I can" I smiled and pushed the tears to the back of my eyes. I gave her a huge momentum hug enduring every moment I have with her because tommorow I am leaving and won't get to see her when I want or get to enjoy her presence around the house.

We opened the car door once more and the screams and flashes surrounded us again. We all followed Dave into the building and I was the last in with Forte covering me from getting squashed or scratched.

We got inside and we all let out a huge sigh of relief, we walked up the lit up spiral stairs, once we reached the first floor my mum showed the way until we reached the far end of the old fashioned corridor.

We opened the golden almost ancient doors and walked through, the lights were dull and it revealed a huge room that could be used for ballroom dancing but it was more night club fashioned with smart electronics surrounding some of the walls and expensive furniture, also a lit up pink and blue bar which would change to other colours every so often, it was beautiful!

I thanked Charlie, Sophie, Heath and my mum for the room they had rented out for me (If you have seen Angus, thongs and perfect snogging it is that room Georgia has for her birthday).

We walked down the stairs and went to grab some drinks while we waited for the guests to arrive. I chose a WKD for starters and took my seat at the large round table everybody was crowding around.

A hour into the party, everybody had arrived and they were all wishing me good luck for the future and my career. I began to open some of the cards that were piling up on the table.

Even some had money in which I was very grateful for, I said my thanks to the people who had brought cards or presents or maybe even both.

I made my way over to the bar and noticed my mum was following a few yards behind so I stopped and waited for her to come over "Hey!" I yelled over the laughs, music and cheers coming from around us mainly on the dance floor where my friends were messing around, it looked like they were having a dance off against my guy friends. "Hello sweetie, I've just come over to remind you to not drink to much the paps are still outside and i'm guaranteed they will wait all night for you to come out, don't forget what happened last time!"

She means by that don't drink a lot because last time I did it was for Charlie's 17th birthday party and I ended up coming out of the club and having a massive rant at the paps, I  had to have a press conference a few weeks after that due to explain how I was drunk and it was just a night off and I had no clue at what I was doing, only so my modelling career was satisfied and in line. That was a really bad night and it put my job to the risk! I nodded my head vigorously and turned back to the bartender "Please could I have some whiskey and lemonade." I asked. He turned his back to me and began to make my drink, the man looked like he was in his early 20's with jet black hair, he was good looking if I were to say so myself.

"Thanks!" I said as he handed me my drink, I walked back to the table where all my friends were sitting and chugged down my drink. The rest of the night was a blur but it was mainly one drink after another until my mum said that was enough and pulled me outside with Forte and Dave. "MUM! Stop, i'm fine!" I yelled as we entered the entrance of the club. "No you're not! Look at you! I can just cancel your contract with the new modelling agency" She said stopping me from walking outside, "But-" I began until she cut me off "I'm beginning to have second thoughts of letting you go to the other side of the world ya know!"

"I'm not even that drunk" I slurred foolishly. She rolled her big blue eyes whilst flicking her blonde curls over her shoulder, I'm pretty sure I look like her but in a much younger way. I have a lot of similar things to her for example, eyes, hair, lips and nose.

So i'm guessing I will have my dads height, my mum is quite small but i'm not exactly tall I am just taller than my mum and a few other people like Charlie and some other of my friends.

She opened her mouth once more "Don't say another word and when you get home you can go straight to bed"

"I'm not a baby" I murmured under my breath before storming over to Forte and Dave, who were like my un-biological dads.

We went back up so I could say my goodbye's to everyone and thank them for coming, their were a few tears but I held myself together and only let a few slip.

We walked out into the open and scurried over to the limousine what had just arrived to take us home. Charlie, Sophie and Heath had decided to get a taxi home because they were about to go out into some other clubs down town.

Anyway this sucks, leaving first when its my party. Forte and Dave helped us into the vehicle and made some back and fourth trips bringing my different sized presents and cards into the car with us.

We finally arrived home and I made up into my room into one piece, I got into my Victoria's secret nightie what I had worn and got to keep after a shoot.

Before I fell asleep I logged into Facebook to post a quick status to thank all those who came and wished me luck one last time and eventually I fell fast asleep under the influence of the alcohol which had took over my body.

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--First chapter Yay--




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