Luke's glamour model

Hazel Nesbitt the most successful 18 year old model to have an amazing career ahead of her.
She is a beautiful role model for a wide range of teenagers around the world, she gets offered a job promotion in Australia for Topshop and Vogue magazine she immediately accepts it, before she knows it she is saying goodbye to Florida and on her way to the beautiful country which is full of kangaroos, koalas, amazing views and not to forget gorgeous guys who surf the Aussie waves all day!
Hazel could get any guy to fall to their feet with her looks but she doesn't want that she wants the special someone to come along and like her inner person and not her outer look. This is what she'll get once she lands in Australia and finds that boy who has been crushing on her for a incredibly long time...


2. Goodbyes are hard


The following day I awoke around dinner time, not a surprise. I had a major headache forming in the back of my head, I heaved myself up and slowly began to unravel myself from the blanket and plodded down the stairs. I could hear the constant chatters coming from the television in the lounge so I purposely made my way over to the kitchen to grab some Coco hoops.

I dished out a ibyprofin tablet pack, coco hoops, glass of water and an apple to place on a breakfast tray to take up into my room.

On my journey upstairs I nearly reached the top until my mum had to come out of the lounge. "Honey!" She yelled ever so loudly. I froze in my spot and turned around hesitantly, I still didn't want to speak to her just yet but I knew I had to. She couldn't just cut off my dream job it is all organised and everything, my plane ticket, my first own house and my whole life savings for this day to come,  but maybe she wanted to apologize, I assume so.

"Hazel, i'm sorry for last night, its just I don't want your career to go to waste from alcohol, but thats not it." i'm going to miss you so much and I don't want your dream to go to waste just because of alcohol" she said and began to walk up to the wide spread staircase.

"But most of all I don't want you to go, life will be so different without you running around the house looking for your designer heels or you cheering me up whenever i'm feeling down. All the memories we've shared together in this one house." She said genuinely as she reached the same step I was on.

I put the tray of food down and held out my arms like a loving teddy bear, I gave her a warm hug and dug my face into her shoulder, it was definitely a mother and daughter moment. "Come visit me whenever you have the chance, I have plenty of space in the house, Ann sent me the details the other day and I have seen all the photos of the rooms, the house is amazing!" I said pulling out of the hug, Ann was my founder who has been with me since the very start, my first photo shoot, press conference, red carpet event.. everything. My mother looked at me pleased and tucked a piece of loose hair behind my ear. Smiling one last time we parted and went back to the rooms we came from.

The two tablets were gently pushed to the back of my throat and I gulped down two chugs of water, wiping away the water stains from around my mouth I walked over to the only piece of furniture in my empty bedroom, my bed. Logging into twitter I quickly swept through my mentions and most were asking me to do something called a twitcam? Anyway I ignore it and posted a new tweet 'People are asking me to do a twitcam, what the hell is one of those?' I glanced at it looking if it made sense and the tiny mouse icon hovered over send, shrugging my shoulders I posted it and looked to find what one really is.

I ate my breakfast at a steady pace whilst reading their instructions on how to make one. It was all too complicated for me to understand so once I had finished eating I needed to take a long relaxing shower and take all of the smudged make up off my face.

'Taking a shower guys so once i'm back i'll try and figure out how this twit-cam thing works eh?xox'

Outfit :

I grabbed my apple laptop and jogged down the stairs with it resting under my arm ever so tightly, "Hey Bertram, hey girls" I greeted and waved with my free hand because the other was carrying my phone and laptop charger. "Hey, so what are you up too?" Bertram asked signalling to my full arm.

"Nothing much" I shrugged taking a seat at the counter.

'Okay so lets get this twit-cam started then shall we'

I did exactly as I was told by my fans and made sure I looked alright in the mirror before getting it to play.

"Wheres the play button?" I questioned myself, I moaned with annoyance which caught Francheska's and Marie's attention.

"Oh my god are you doing a twit-cam" Marie gasped running towards the door where the camera couldn't reach her, Francheska also followed her footsteps awkwardly.

"Well i'm trying too, I can't seem to get it to play" I murmured looking really closely into the screen. "These advertisement things are so annoying!" I said getting louder almost yelling.

"Babe calm down" Marie said leaning over my shoulder and making sure her hair and make up was perfect. They were both in their late 20's and extremely friendly they were just like they were teenage girls but they can also get a little nasty from time to time.

"What the hell Haze!" Marie gasped once more running away from the camera again.

"What now!" Rolling my eyes I got out of my seat and walked over to the fridge and grabbing a apple.

"It's been streaming for like 5 minutes..." Marie giggled.

I froze still and looked at their both serious looks, in the end we all burst out laughing. I took back my seat and munched on my apple looking contently at the screen "Can they see and hear me?" I looked at them, they were fixing their hair, make up and clothes in the long length mirrors.

"Yes them boxes are what they are saying right now because its live" Francheska said pointing to the boxes on the right hand side.

"Ohh.. I thought they were advertisements." I smiled dumbfounded.

They giggled and finally took a seat beside me.

"Nesbitter's you have just witnessed Hazel's short temper" Marie laughed with Francheska. I scowled to them through the camera and carried on eating my ripe apple. "Have you ever thought about this, I have the worst fandom name ever, I mean why can't it be a good one like Directioners, Lovatics, Beliebers or Swifties. Mine is just terrible!" I thought real deep and I could feel the girls piercing eyes on me. They giggled along side me, when you think about it they never stop giggling and sometimes I even catch it and all I do is giggle at stupid and random things.

"Hazel, you need to get ready soon we have to set off to the airport in two hours" My mum yelled walking into the kitchen and deciding to wash the dishes and cups. "Eurgh" I grumbled chucking my apple core into the bin and nearly missing.

"Why don't you guys ask me some questions and i'll try to answer as many as I can."

Comments flooded in even more and they were moving at a rapid speed.

"Their moving too fast" I complained trying to stop it on a single one, "Um how about that one?" Francheska pointed at a short one which stood out by lots of printed hearts. "Who is or was your favourite Disney character of all time" Marie read out.

"Well its Stitch from ya know Lilo and Stitch. He's just.. uh.. he's just cute.... That was by @Nesbitts_tits_" I glared at Francheska who did that purposely because of the username.

She forcefully grinned back trying to hold in her laughter which I knew would slip out and it did eventually. "Nice username" I winked and scrolled through more of the questions.

Questions read out by Marie and Francheska=Q

Hazel's answers=A

Q. Why are you even on this planet?!

A. Uh.. Um... is that a trick question? ....Um.. Oh.. yeah maybe cause my mum wanted a child, whats your excuse, did your mum get pregnant at 16?

Q. You're not even pretty, I don't get how 'that' can be a model

A. I don't get why 'that' is even on my twit cam.

Q. How did you become a model?

A. I got scouted out when I was looking for clothes in Forever 21

Q. Favourite shop?

A. Top shop, Victoria's Secret, Forever 21, New Look and Chanel, It depends what i'm shopping for.

"Only because she works for them" Marie interrupted whilst having another giggling session with Francheska, they act like 7 year old's at times.

Q. How come you're going to the airport x56

A. I forgot to tell you guys, but eyyy i'm moving to Australia! Melbourne airport to be exact! I got a contract to work for Victoria's Secret, Top Shop, Hollister and River Island, i'm really excited because I haven't worked for two of them, so yeah, i'm really excited.

They all went crazy after a few seconds saying how happy and proud they were for me and some even said they are going to go to the airport and wait for me. They soon calmed down and were back to questions once more.

Q. Do you really have a short temper?

"Yeah she does" Francheska answered before I could deny it.

Comments soon filled with the name Luke Brooks?

"That is just like Luke and how Beau and Jai always tease him about it... What?" I read out whilst tilting my head in confusion like a puppy would when you say they can't have anymore treats.

"Guys you need to go get your bags we have to go, in 15 minutes!" I heard from the lounge. "Bye guys I have to go, talk soon love you all my little ducklings!" I turned it off and Bertram and the maids all headed to different rooms to get our bags, don't worry Bertram wasn't there during that entire twit-cam session watching us be rather peculiar.

We arrived at the airport on time to say my goodbyes to everyone. I started with Charlie and Sophie who were crying extremely. "Visit whenever you want" I hugged them and made my way over to Heath and Dan. Heath approached me first with lust filled in his eyes "I'd give you a right big kiss right now if I could, but you know paps!" I said looking to the direction of where they were, a good couple of meters away.

"Just a peck?" He asked cheekily, I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck and stood up onto my tip toes to give him a sweet peck.

"I love you so much" I said rushing over to Dan, "I love you too babe, do you promise to never forget me." 

"Why would I forget you" I giggled and wiped the lost tears away with the back of my hand. He kissed my cheek gently and pushed me gently over to my mother who was crying endlessly. "Mum, shh its not like i'm going to die or something" Unless the plane sets on fire or gets hit by lightning, I shook the negative thought away but it just ended up in the back of my mind.

"I know but you're my only baby and you are going away to grow up all by yourself without me and i'm going to be all alone in the house"

My smile turned upside down and I just had a quick glance about the position she was in, it must be terrible. "Anyway Haze, sorry about the downer, just forget about my position cause I know that's exactly what you're thinking now, have fun an I will come visit in a couple of months when i get my pay rise"

I nodded in return and hugged her tightly until I felt a strong force pushing me into another direction.

"Come on Hazel before it gets to crowded" I heard Ann's shaky voice say beside me, I looked up to see a lot of news reporters getting closer and closer each minute. I gave a warming smile to Ann, a tall woman in her late 30's she has brown hair which is perfect and she looks so good for her age.

"Thank you guys for absolutely everything! If it wasn't for any of you I wouldn't be where I am standing now, i'd still be the old Hazel the girl with the highest grades in the year, but a total bitch! Come and visit whenever! I love you all loads"

They waved me off before I was dragged away by my entourage one last smile to them and before I know it I was on my way to the great Australia and was going to have to be sat on this plane for 14 hours with no stop offs!

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