Luke's glamour model

Hazel Nesbitt the most successful 18 year old model to have an amazing career ahead of her.
She is a beautiful role model for a wide range of teenagers around the world, she gets offered a job promotion in Australia for Topshop and Vogue magazine she immediately accepts it, before she knows it she is saying goodbye to Florida and on her way to the beautiful country which is full of kangaroos, koalas, amazing views and not to forget gorgeous guys who surf the Aussie waves all day!
Hazel could get any guy to fall to their feet with her looks but she doesn't want that she wants the special someone to come along and like her inner person and not her outer look. This is what she'll get once she lands in Australia and finds that boy who has been crushing on her for a incredibly long time...


3. Excited Luke


"Fuck" I moaned throwing the x-box controller onto the mattress beside me, "Luke it's just a game" Jai laughed standing up and walking towards the door, "bring my phone charger up would ya" I asked him, well more said than asked. He rolled his eyes and jogged downstairs.

When he came back I plugged it into my phone and went on twitter too see a whole load of tweets about me and Hazel Nesbitt most said stuff like:

@Hazel_Nesbitt and @luke_brooks are actually perfect for each other, can't wait till #Lazel or #Huke happens!

Another said: #LAZEL sounds cute but #HUKE sounds like Puke so I support #LAZEL @Hazel_Nesbitt @luke_brooks

I noticed on the worldwide trends that me and her were actually trending! #ProjectGetLazelToHappen I smiled to myself and called out to Jai and Beau "JAI, BEAU, GET IN HERE!" they came in shortly after I called them and looked at me suspiciously "What's going on?" Jai asked and climbed up onto the top bunk with Beau following him behind "Have you seen this, i'm on a worlwide trend with Hazel!" I gleamed whilst holding my phone up to their faces. They grabbed hold of my wrist to keep me still so they could read it clearly, "Lazel?" Beau said confused. "Yeah I know" I chuckled.

"Whats all this about?" They asked with a look of confusion washed over them, "I don't actually know but the fans keep tweeting me saying we should be together"

"Find out then" Beau said like it was obvious. I rolled my eyes and posted a tweet 'Where is all this coming from, I haven't met Hazel before.. But i'd like too ;) but seriously whats going on guys?' I instantly got replies back saying mostly the same thing making my jaw drop to the floor "Don't you know cunt, she's moving to Melbourne and has a short temper like you ;)" I read out loud so Beau and Jai knew what was going on also. "What the fuck, shes moving here!" Beau chuckled. "DIBS!" He yelled making me and Jai jump a little.

"Fuck off!" I moaned.

"But me and her will suit better" Jai said going along with Beau and I knew exactly what they were trying to make me do, they wanted me to get angry because for some reason they find it funny when I get stressed at them.

I flipped it off and went back onto twitter to secretly do a follow spree without telling any of the fans.

Like they all say, I am a creeper.

Jai and Beau finally got off my bed and went down onto the bottom bunk so they could have a quick match on fifa.

I soon got bored so I went to get Lala's lead and take her for a walk down to the shop to pick up some milk and red bull for our next you tube challenge which I wasn't feeling up to at all.



--Eyy Luke chapter for you there--

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