Love Downfall

Chassidy is an 18yr old girl who lives with parents in New York & her father gets a job new job opportunity in Atlanta. So Chassidy very upset about the moved because she doesn't wanna leave her boyfriend she's been with for 2yrs.! This is a very dramatic story & it will have u on the edge of ya seats! Well no more talking. Read the story to find out more.! :)


2. The Big Move

Here we go...

 So My dad asked Can We have a family meeting? So me & my sis Jordyn Looks at each other in "awkward silence" cause we already know how the meetings go down -__- we went down stairs to the living room where my mom Kim, Brother Kendell && Father Irvan was sitting waiting for us.. Okay now as yall know I'm working a world wide job now, so I've gotten a call yesterday about my having an opportunity to work in Atlanta. "Said irvan" oh Really, man pops so u leaving us "Kendell speaking sadly" NO you all leaving with me.! Huh wtf? no I'm not going no where "jordyn's Angry voice" All you hear now is my mom yelling at jordyn for her language, smh yeah thats the bad sis. Lol I'm smiling from ear to ear because I've always wanted to move to atl. But i got all sad because my dad said we're moving NEXT WEEK. omg that's too soon.! So as the night goes by, I call my best friend Shakia to tell her the news. She was excited but sad cause I'm leaving her. :(


The Next Day I started packing && Had called Stephon over to see me, oh Yeah that's my boyfriend. He didn't know I was moving, I wanted to tel him in person.. 15 mins went by......... *The Doorbell rung,* Chazz the door its ya boo.. "Jordyn yells" come on upstairs bae I'm up here. "I told stepphy" that's my lil cute name 4 him. Lol "ayee sup bae, *kisses me on the lips* woah , uhh why u packing " "Stephon ask" umm babyy, *I stuttered quietly* we're moving to Atlanta next week. Wait when the fuck were u gonna tell me yo? "Stephon yelled angrily" I Just found out yesterday, Ugh I'm sorry. Baby I'm very upset cause I'm leaving u. *I said crying, laying on stephon shoulders* idk what to do anymore, its nothing I can do omg I'm really gonna go crazy, bae im gonna miss the fuck outta u. Lawwd . Damn Chaz, so we over :( *Stephon starts crying* Baby no I dont wanna be over, we can see if this long distance relationship last? I assumed. I guess Chaz. "He said". *BOOM,* awe cut the shit, yall boo hooing && stuff. Yall be iight. "Jordyn said busting in my room" bye Jo Gtfo, I'm not playing. I'm still upset. Well bae let's just take a nap cause your real upset & u gonna make ya self sick. "He suggested"


  Me & Stephon, Laid in the bed & started kissing  we was suppose to be taking a nap but instead we had a little fun, so as we was kissing stepphy started taking off my shirt, I'm like aye hold up where's ya condom? He said right here bae, I shouldn't use it, cause a baby will make u stay here with me. I giggled && said your absolutely right but NO.! *straight face* we both laughed. So we put on our favorite  song (Ciara-Body Party) & he just kissed me on my neck && I moaned, and went down & took off my skirt, he started sucking my nipples, & I moaned louder. So he just gave me head, then grabbed the condom, put it on & whispered “I shouldn’t put it on at all” I laughed & gave him the finger. All I felt was him sliding inside & started biting my lips “omg shit” his stroke game was fire. I felt me scratching his back and telling him I love him. Next I started screaming, he turned me around & started from the back, pulling my hair & sucking my neck. It was the best long good sex .. 1 hour went by.... I didn't want my bae to leave. ♥


Now this our last weekend in New York 


Chaz Chazzz CHASSIDY, All I hear is my mother calling me.! "Yes ma"? I Finally Answered. ! Since This our last weekend in New York u wanna go say ya goodbyes to the rest of ya friends "Asked Kim." Yeah I guess So, I kinda Dnt wanna leave maaaa.! I'm gonna really miss Stephon :( Can he go with me? Uh no Chaz, he can visit though, "mom replied" I know its gonna be hard for yall, just take it a step at a time. It will be okay. No it won't ma, u dnt have to go thru it, I DO.!! "I screamed" *Door Slamed* gurl what's all that yelling for? My bro asked. Because kendell I'm leaving Stephon, it won't be the same without him. :( wiping my tears. *Kendell grabs me && hug me,* sis I know but u can't keep Making yourself upset like know he can always visit. But I can't always see him like I do now *crying harder*  Im sick of this already and we didnt even move yet.! Ugh FML


Now Hours Went By && I've Finally Got in a good mood, I Called up all my friends to meet me at The restaurant, which was (Ruby Tuesday's) since this was my last weekend in New York. So I Called My best friend Shakia & Best Friend Vince. && the rest were just friends.. so me & jordyn arrived there first, (oh yeah I allowed her to come) lol && reserved the party table. As we waiting, I get a strange text from stephon saying::(Chaz I love you so very much, I just dont think we gonna make it through this relationship. Its gonna be hard to stay. If u gonna be that Far.) So as I read it && dropped my jaw, Jordyn ask what happened whats wrong, she already knew it was something. I just looked at her && said wait I'll be back. So I rushed outside to call stephon, "Aye what you mean Steph, you done, please say no *as I stuttered  please dont make me cry. I can't deal with this. Can u please meet me at   ruby Tuesday's I need to see u.." OK CHAZ OK *he yelled through the phone* I'm omw. As I'm standing outside shakia pull up. Uh uh uh uh, whats wrong, that damn Stephon isn't it? "She asked" yes girl *showed her the text* damn well its nothing yall can do just let him go, you can't keep stressing over it.  "Shakia. Reply" I calmed down && seen stephon pull up. Ok kia just go ahead in, jordyn already sitting at the table, ill be in there. I'm starring at stephon shaking my head.  Really tho smh *very angry at this point* can we at least try? I asked.  Yeah we can lets just try. I just dnt wanna fuss about it. "He replied"  we talking and I see Vince && yelled "OMG BOO I MISS U STRANGER" lol we laughed & I told him go in ill be in there in a sec.. Finally rapping it up with Stephon, he had to go to work, so I just told him wen he get off come over. 

After a Long night enjoying my last night with my loves, I made it home.  I had glanced at the time to see what time it was & it was about that time for stepphy to get off. So I took a shower & laid down. I had 2 more days in New York so I had to spend it with my baby.. as I'm laying down, stephon texted &&& said come open the door, I ran down stairs to open it, hey bae *jumps on him* hey my lady "he replies" come on, I just wanna lay down && chat. We went up to my room, he laid me down & got on top of me && started kissing me so I'm trying stop him because we need to talk,  *saying stop wait* && stephon ignored && I felt my self getting weak, he wouldn't let me go,  I started getting mad & yelling  I knew something was strange because he never act like this, I start panicking. "Ugh stephon no stop" NOOO I'm scared at this moment.  Stephon grabbed me & punched me in my face && said SHUT THE FUCK UP CHASSIDY.! *I starts crying* louder & louder.  All I know is he covered my mouth with his hands, & stared stripping me. *I'm shaking historically* moving my head from side to side. All I'm thinking is, this isn't my boyfriend its not him. I wanna know what gotten in to him. He forced his self on me, I can't believe he's raping me, he didn't use protection so I'm like, *my life is over* 20 mins go by........ he removes his self from me && I feel paralyzed can't move :( I'm in a lot of pain. Idk what to do at this moment. I'm starring at him while he get dressed he looked at me kissed me on the forehead && said "I Love You"  I'm saying in my head, "this a dream, I know it is"  so after he left I laid In  the bed for 5 minutes. Then got up, I got up && felt very weak & I looked around everything got blurry, then collapsed. !

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