Love Downfall

Chassidy is an 18yr old girl who lives with parents in New York & her father gets a job new job opportunity in Atlanta. So Chassidy very upset about the moved because she doesn't wanna leave her boyfriend she's been with for 2yrs.! This is a very dramatic story & it will have u on the edge of ya seats! Well no more talking. Read the story to find out more.! :)


1. Something New?

2 Months Later......

Oh yes, I'm Loving Our New Home In Atlanta. We have a 5 bedroom, single family home. Its the best house we ever lived in.

Today just chilling, so as I'm laying in the bed just thinking. I start writing in my diary... "Dear Diary: its been 2 months & 4 days since my altercation with stephon. I Have flashbacks from the night, I CANNOT get I out my head. It haunts me every day. I still couldn't believe I ended up in the hospital & he ended up in jail. I collapsed from a panic attack & had a blood clock in my eye. & the worse thing was that he had gotten me pregnant for not using protection. *sigh* but I miscarried :( Till this day idk what was on his mind. All I know is That night was terrifying. But I go to therapy trying to clear my head, it messed me up mentally && physically. I don't want no guys around me I always get paranoid. My life has took an dramatic turn... but I don't wanna keep thinking about it. It always make teary eyed. So yeah *sincerely Chassidy H*"

*Guess What... guess what.* I'm Thinking I'm dreaming. Guess what *As jodyn Shaking Me* Leave me alone, let me sleep. CHASSIDY TAJAH HALL open ya eyes *she yelled* As I'm opening my eyes I see this girl standing next to jordyn.. OH MY LAWWWDDD.  its my best friend Shakia. She came to visit.. I could not believe it. She surprised me.  I was so excited.  Come on get up Girl,  u gotta show me around Atlanta "shakia said" yes boo, lets go around town, because u have to catch me up on somethings that's been going on in the NYC. "I replied" I'll be right back let me shower && get dressed.. 25 mins later. So where u wanna go first the mall out to eat what?? Lets go to the mall "jordyn reply" uhh no not u, you staying home jordyn. Man u never let me go no where,  its kool im gonna just call my boo. *as she slamming the door* girl she too damn grown, what tell me about it. *we laughed & shook our head* So me && shakia is on our way to Lenox mall. What u buying today,? "Shakia asked" I don't know but we should go out tonight, so i might buy a little cute dress, you know.... As we walking in the mall "Shakia said"... umm Chaz I have something to tell u. "I Said uh oh" && looked at her facial expression. Well I'm 7 weeks pregnant.. "she replied" OMG really by who? "I asked" By this guy I met last month, I really didn't know him I made a  mistake. I know chaz, please don't judge me. I won't Kia, we can talk about this later,  lets just shop. I want u to stay in a good mood.  So smile & lets have fun. "I told her". 

We enjoying our selves shopping, then grabbed something to eat. It started getting late.  Come on kia, what club we going to. "I said" Girl this ya hood idk. Lol "she replied" well we will find 1. Now we in the car on our way back to the house, so kia are u keeping the baby && do he know about it. Uhh I dont wanna keep it chaz, & yeah he know,  I told him & he said it ain't his so dont call him anymore. "Shakia told me" Oh fuck no, really? Smh damn  I don't agree with abortions, but u won't have any help :( thats sad.  But do what u wanna do tho. I  told her" That's true but I'm gonna get rid of it. I feel bad, but I'm having a baby by a man I don't even know, I feel like a hoe. *Shakia starts crying* Stop your not, everyone make mistakes.  Just 1 Day this week I will go with u to go get it.  I'm hear for u tho best friend.  You will be okay.  "I replied" Thanks Ily Girl. *We hugged && laughed it out* we Got in the house, OK we can go to club paradise. && let me go get in the shower. Be right back. Wait, Aye chaz let me barrow a pair of heels. "Shakia asked" Girl go ahead "I replied" 

1 hour Later, we finished getting dressed,  & doing hair and make up. Now we about to hit the club. So as We walking up to the door, the security stopped us & asked for Id.  We showed him our Id's and he said "oh no this is a 21 & older club sorry. So me and kia said damn OK  As we turned around these two guys was like "nahh they with us, they aight" I looked up as said awe thanks cutie.. & smiled. We went inside. The guy walked up to me and said "so I let y'all in, you gotta at least give me ya name" *I smirked* My name Chassidy & what's yours. Oh nice to meet you miss Chassidy, I'm Sammie "he replied" same to u Sammie,  BTW your really cute." Thank u, u are too. "Sammie said" *in my head I'm nervous I just wanna walk away, I can't give him the time or day. I'm a little paranoid. Ugh smfh*  shakia walking up to me "what's wrong chaz" Kia idk I'm just nervous about meeting new guys. Girl its okay,  just take it slow. You never know how it will turn out. "Shakia told me" okay I'm gonna try, so where Sammie friend go, wasn't he with u? Yeah they over there chilling, they seem like cool people tho chaz. "She said" OK we gonna give them a chance. So I walk over to Sammie & ask did he wanna dance.  He said yeah. We danced the whole night. Then exchanged numbers. So am I gonna see u again miss chaz? "Sammie asked" you sure are. ;) 
That's how we ended that night.

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