Tell Me A Lie Oh Wait You Did!

Isabella or Issy a regular girl the only differnce is she happened to be dating harry styles and things got a little ugly.


1. She is so lovely



Issys pov



That is all i could hear when i ran out the door,i did not care where i was going i just knew it was going to be far away from here. god Brin was my worst nightmare he scared me half to death. Ever sence my mom died he would beat me every single day it was horrable. I had scars and cuts from that man. Why am i talking to myself again jesus my mind is everywear i thought when i fell to the ground it felt hard like sement then i herd this boy.


"Ohh so sorry love"

" it is ok i have been through worst i laughed"

He had blond hair and blue eyes, he looked like that boy frome one direction Niall i think whatever i could not be him

"Anyways want some help up"

He held his hand out and helped me up

Wow you are more beautiful up close  he laughed

 I blushed then said you are not to bad looking your self

 We walked for a bit then came to a restaraunt  called nandos

 then sat down and started to chat. loved it he seamed so intersted in me. Them music came up and he said well i am in a band called One Direction. I knew it i said to myself.


Nialls P.O.V.



God she was beautiful. I thought that i need to make a move or i will never see her again. So i did.

"May i have your phone number  seeing as we are we are having such a nice time. Well i do not give my number to strangers, but seeing as you are part of the most famous boy band in the world i will make an exception.


Shit i am late for a meeting i have to go but i can call you tonight .

 Alright bye

                                              Ble love

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